Leukoplast Universal Fabric Tape


  • Quality universal fabric tape;
  • Dressing and bandage fixation;
  • 4 styles: Waterproof, Hospital, Tan and Classic;
  • Widely used by NHS.
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Leukoplast Universal Fabric Tape

The Leukoplast Universal Fabric Tape is designed for the fixation of dressings and traction bandages. It is also suitable for the securing of tubes, catheters, probes and cannulae.

Leukoplast comes in 2 different styles: Leukoplast Classic, and Leukoplast Tan.

This universal fabric tape is widely used by the NHS due to its quality and versatility.

Leukoplast Features and Benefits

  • Zinc oxide rubber adhesive ensures exceptionally high initial and permanent adhesion
  • High quality viscose backing material is extremely resistant to tension, making the tape durable
  • Special surface treatment repels dirt and moisture
  • Breathable, reducing the risk of skin maceration

Leukoplast Universal Fabric Tape Size Guide:

Leukopast Size Measurements (W x L)
Leukoplast Classic Small

1.25cm x 5m

Leukoplast Classic Medium

2.5cm x 5m

Leukoplast Classic Large

5cm x 5m

Leukoplast Tan Small

1.25cm x 9.2m

Leukoplast Tan Medium

2.5cm x 9.2m

Leukoplast Tan Large

5cm x 9.2m

Please note, Leukoplast tape comes in the following multipack formats:

  • Small, x 24 rolls
  • Medium, x 12 rolls
  • Large, x 6 rolls
Width x Length

Leukoplast Classic Small (Pack of 24), Leukoplast Classic Medium (Pack of 12), Leukoplast Classic Large (Pack of 6), Leukoplast Hospital Small (Pack of 24), Leukoplast Hospital Large (Pack of 6), Leukoplast Tan Small (Pack of 24), Leukoplast Tan Medium (Pack of 12), Leukoplast Tan Large (Pack of 6)

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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