Masterchef Blue Eye Pad Dressings with Bandage


  • Thick, low adherent eye pad with blue design
  • Attached to a continuous bandage for easy fixture
  • Perfect replacement for all HSE catering kits
  • Requires minimum purchase of 10 dressings per order


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Masterchef Blue Eye Pad Dressings with Bandage

Perfect for use in food preparation environments, the Masterchef Blue Eye Pad Dressings with Bandage are high quality dressings that are suitable to replace used up materials in all HSE catering kits. The blue design of these pads means that if food is compromised with a bandage, it is immediately visible before being served to a customer.

Masterfully Crafted

Each dressing pad has a low adherent contact layer that has been created not to stick. Designed to apply to any eye wound in the event of an accident, it is ideal to stem any bleeding should the patient need to travel to a hospital or wait for the arrival of professional help.

Individually Wrapped Sterile Pads

This thick, size No.16 eye pad dressing is attached to a continuous stretch bandage designed for comfortable wear. Available to bulk buy as a minimum of 10 dressings per order, each dressing is separately wrapped in a strong flow pack, with a sterility expiry date printed outside of the pack to ensure your first aid kit remains up to date.

Versatile Fixture

Blue in colour to meet the food safety regulations of 1990, the dressings can be secured in a number of ways, with safety pins, a microporous tap, or simply by tying the ends of the stretchy bandage.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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