Rudiger Mini Human Skull Model With Muscle Painting


  • Scientifically accurate miniaturised skull model
  • Perfect classroom accessory or doctor demonstration tool
  • Dissectible into three parts for interior inspection
  • Painted areas to show muscle origins and insertions


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Rudiger Mini Human Skull Model with Muscle Painting

The Rudiger Mini Human Skull Model with Muscle Painting features red and blue paint that represents the muscle origin and insertions on the human skull. Each part of the skull has been accurately reconstructed, and is numbered with a corresponding key to help students learn and revise the names.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Mini Skull Model

Who Can Use the Rudiger Mini Human Skull?

The Rudiger Mini Anatomical Model is a great tool for teachers and doctors to use when demonstrating how the body works to a student or patient. Scientifically accurate and light enough to be passed around a classroom, this model helps improve learning in a fun and memorable way. The mini skull model is recommended for the following:

  • Biology classes
  • Professional teaching
  • Personal studies
  • Patient education/demonstration
  • General education

Key Features and Benefits

  • High level of anatomic detail for accurate teaching
  • Lightweight miniature model can be passed easily around the classroom
  • Painted in red and blue to signify muscle origins and insertions
  • Numbered with a corresponding anatomy key provided
  • Dissects into three separate parts for closer inspection
  • Gives students an exciting practical way of learning about the body

Brings Learning to Life

The Rudiger Mini Skull adds a key element of fun to education. A hands-on approach to learning is far more engaging than reading out of textbooks, so this teaching method is more likely to spark interest with students, and may even help them retain the information they’re given in class.

Scientifically Accurate

Modelled from a real-life human skull, the Rudiger Mini Skull Model offers a high level of detailed, scientific accuracy. Dissectible into three separate parts, students can inspect and study the inner workings and finer details of the skull to expand their knowledge.

Painted Muscles

To highlight where the muscle origins and insertions are on the skull, they have each been painted in a different colour. Red paint symbolises the origins whereas the blue paint symbolises the insertions. Each section is numbered to help students learn the names using the provided key.

Small and Handy

The Rudiger Mini Skull Model is small enough to be passed around the classroom with ease, meaning every student will get a chance to analyse the skull and open it up for closer inspection. Made from the finest quality materials, this model is durable enough to survive long years of scientific study.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 65cm (26″)
  • Weight: 0.8kg (28oz)

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