Leukoplast Leukopor Fixation Tape for Sensitive Skin (2.5cm x 5m Roll)


  • Low allergy adhesive, ideal for sensitive skin
  • Water repellent for added protection
  • Highly adaptable for use with a variety of bandages and dressings
  • Long term fixation with exceptional comfort


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Leukoplast Leukopor Fixation Tape for Sensitive Skin (2.5cm x 5m Roll)

The Leukoplast Leukopor Fixation Tape for Sensitive Skin (2.5cm x 5m Roll) uses low allergy adhesive, which is perfect for use with sensitive skin. Designed to prioritise comfort, the water-repellent fixation tape provides long lasting fixation for wound dressings, absorbent pads and bandages.

Please Note: This packaging has recently changed and you may receive the previous packaging during the transition. The product will offer the same high-quality performance regardless of packaging.

Key Features of the Leukoplast Leukopor Fixation Tape for Sensitive Skin

  • Ideal for young children and people with especially sensitive skin
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with bandages and dressings
  • Highly comfortable for ease of use
  • Low allergy adhesive
  • Breathable for added comfort
  • Perfect for holding wound dressings in place on normal skin
  • Water repellent for use while washing

Ideal for Those with Sensitive Skin

The Leukoplast Leukopor Fixation Tape uses low-allergy adhesive, which is ideal for those with sensitive skin, supporting skin integrity while providing a secure hold. It also has a soft silicone adhesive that is suitable for elderly patients, infants and patients undergoing long-term treatment with at-risk skin.

Roll of Tape for Extensive Use

The 2.5cm x 5m roll of Leukoplast Leukopor Fixation Tape offers adaptability and extensive use. Easily cut to the desired length, each role of the Leukopor Tape for Sensitive Skin offers gentle protection for numerous wounds, injuries, cuts and abrasions.

Why Choose Leukoplast Fixation Tape?

  • Skin-friendly silicone adhesive
  • Atraumatic adhesive is ideal for fragile, sensitive and at-risk skin
  • Maintains skin integrity
  • Reliable adhesion
  • Reduces the risk of skin stripping and tearing
  • Can be repositioned without stressing the skin or losing adhesive strength
  • Residue-free removal
  • Latex-free
  • Soft and breathable
  • Highly flexible acetate woven fabric
  • Radio-transparent for rapid x-ray procedures
  • Water-repellent

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