Hapla Poron Foam Padding Sheets (Pack of Four)


  • Polyurethane foam with a 3.2mm thickness
  • Ideal for cushioning bony prominences
  • Material bounces back in seconds when pressed
  • Supplied in a pack of four sheets
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Hapla Poron Foam Padding Sheets (Pack of Four)

Made from springy, closed cell material, the Hapla Poron Foam Padding Sheets (Pack of Four) springs back to its original thickness within seconds of being pressed, so can successfully be used to redistribute underfoot pressure. It is supplied in packs of four with two different lengths available.

How Can the Poron Sheets Be Used?

Poron is a material that offers a high level of shock absorption, making it great for insoles. The Hapla sheets can be easily cut to your needs in order to improve the shock absorption of your shoes. Whether you want to cut a full insole that is tailor made to fit in your shoes, or just padding for the heel or metatarsal, the poron sheet allows this.

Key Features of the Hapla Poron Padding Sheets

  • Soft material great for padding the bottom of the foot
  • Shock absorbing material redistributes pressure
  • Dense closed cell material provides high level of support
  • Material springs back seconds after being pressed
  • Bouncy material will not bottom out
  • Thickness: 3.22mm

What Makes These Sheets So Effective?

Due to the closed cell material of this padding it returns to its natural thickness quickly, and and can therefore provide reliable support in addition to pressure relief. With a mid range thickness of 3.2mm, it is a fantastic choice for underfoot padding.

Available with or without Adhesive

These sheets are available with or without an adhesive backing, your preference of which can be selected using the dropdown box at the top of the page. Some may prefer the adhesive as it can make application a bit quicker and easier, however others may prefer to use their own adhesives or wrappings to secure the foam in place.

Dimensions of the Hapla Poron Foam Sheets

Each of the Hapla Poron Sheets feature the following dimensions:

  • Length: 31cm
  • Width: 22.5cm
  • Depth: 3.22mm

Non-Adhesive, Adhesive

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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