Hapla Chirofix Adhesive Retentive Strappings (Pack of 2 Rolls)


  • Two rolls of strongly adhesive stretchy strappings
  • Ideal for strapping sprains or dressed wounds
  • Made from non-woven, high tensile fabric
  • Option of 2.5cm and 5.0cm wide strappings
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Hapla Chirofix Adhesive Retentive Strappings (Pack of 2 Rolls)

The Hapla Chirofix Adhesive Retentive Strappings (Pack of 2 Rolls) can be used to secure padding and dressings in place. ,Made from high tensile, non-woven fabric they extend transversely so as not to restrict movement, and are suitable for patients with sensitive skin. They are available in either a 2.5cm or 5.0cm width.

What’s Included In My Purchase?

  • 2 x Rolls of Strapping

Features and Benefits

  • Hypoallergenic for individuals with sensitive skin
  • Made from resilient non-woven, high tensile fabric
  • Strong adhesive keeps strappings securely in place
  • Strappings are extend lengthways to enable mobility
  • Can be easily cut to size due to paper backing
  • Protects skin from friction and rubbing
  • Suitable for sealing dressed wounds

When Can I Use the Hapla Chirofix Strappings?

These Hapla strappings are ideal for fixing dressings and paddings in place when dealing with an injury. As they are transversely extendable, they can enable mobility of strapped area while ensuring some rigidity is maintained.

How Easily Is It To Cut These Strappings?

These bandages come with a non-sticky backing paper, and can therefore be cut easily to the correct size. Each roll has a 10m length, which should supply enough material for a number of applications.

What Sizes Are Available?

These bandages are available in either a 2.5cm width or a 5.0cm width, both of which have a length of 10m. The 2.5cm width is a good size for strapping dressings to hands, while the 5.0cm width is better for the wrist area. Your preference can be selected using the dropdown box at the top of the page.


2.5cm, 5.0cm

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