Anatomical Miniature Skeleton Model


  • Model skeleton measuring 84cm in height
  • Perfect for patient education and medical students
  • Includes a removable calvarium for enhanced use
  • Made of easy-wipe PVC plastic


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Anatomical Miniature Skeleton Model

In a medical or scientific teaching environment, it’s important to have the proper tools to give your students or patients the best possible chance of gaining a complex understanding of the subject. The Anatomical Miniature Skeleton Model is a compact skeleton model, ideal for busy classroom environments or patient waiting rooms.

Perfect for Patient Education

While anatomical models are great for teaching students about the complexities of the human bodies, they’re perfect for educating patients as well. Since treatment rooms and medical offices often have little space, this smaller model will fit easily into your medical room without jeopardising other equipment or space. This means that you can fully educate your patients on their skeletal structure and what it means for them in any type of room.

Hygienic and Convenient

Since this skeleton is meant to be used in a medical or scientific environment, it’s important that it is made with hygienic materials. The PVC plastic this skeleton is made from is designed to be easy to wipe, allowing for full and thorough cleaning. A removable calvarium makes the skeleton highly adaptable, while the included key card and stand ensure easy and efficient operation.

Skeleton Model Height

The Miniature Skeleton Model measures 84cm in height. This more compact size is ideal for use in medical establishments or surgeries where space is at a premium.

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