Rudiger Anatomic Physiological Skeleton Model


  • High detail skeleton model with flexible spinal column
  • Perfect for student/patient education and demonstration
  • Cast 100% from real, hand-selected human skeletons
  • Supplied with safety stand and dust cover for storage


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Rudiger Anatomic Physiological Skeleton Model

Designed to realistically mimic natural movement, the Rudiger Anatomic Physiological Skeleton Model is easy to pose and manipulate for demonstrative purposes. With help from scientific experts, this model is true-to-life and accurately represents the tiniest details of the bones surface.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Model Skeleton
  • 1 x Display Stand

Who Can Use the Rudiger Physiological Model Skeleton?

Accurately replicating the smallest details of the human skeleton, the Rudiger Physiological Model Skeleton is ideal for classrooms and doctor’s offices for educational or demonstrative purposes. Designed with a flexible structure to mimic natural body movements, this skeleton model will prove useful for the following:

  • Biology classes
  • Medical teaching
  • Personal studies
  • Patient education/demonstration
  • Chiropractors

Key Features and Benefits

  • Incredibly high level of anatomic detail for precise teaching and demonstration
  • Flexible construction allows the model to mimic the body’s natural movement
  • Constructed with hard-wearing plastic for extra durability and lasting use
  • Skull dissects into four parts, each with exceptional detailing
  • Supplied with stand and dust cover for easy transport and storage

High Level of Detail

Cast directly from specially picked real-life skeletons, the Rudiger Skeleton Model offer a painstaking level of detail to give students the best education possible. Bone indentations are detailed with incredible accuracy to ensure medical students benefit from a true-to-life example of human anatomy.

Mimics Natural Movement

Using flexible plastic and elastic cords, every part of the Rudiger Model Skeleton has been designed to move in a way that demonstrates natural human movement. Flexible shoulders show natural hyperextension, pronation and supination of the forearms, while extra-soft discs mimic life-like deformation while bending the spine.

Rudiger Anatomic Model Skeleton in Action

Long-Lasting and Durable

Constructed using hard-wearing materials, the Rudiger Model Skeleton is resistant to damage under normal use and immune to wear. Investing in a Rudiger Model will benefit many future generations of students and aspiring healthcare professionals.

Easy to Store and Transport

The Rudiger Model Skeleton comes supplied with a dust cover and a wheeled, 5-leg safety stand for easy relocation to another room whenever necessary, and makes the model easy to store out of the way when no longer needed.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 180cm (6ft)
  • Weight: 11kg (24lb)
  • Width: 40cm (16″)
  • Depth: 25cm (10″)
  • Stand Diameter: 60cm (24″)

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