Peter PICC Lines Simulator


  • IV therapy trainer
  • Portable upper torso model
  • Arm skin and muscles for realistic anatomy
  • Fluid bag and carry case included


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Peter PICC Lines Simulator

The Peter PICC Lines Simulator is the only available teaching model which allows review of the principles and tools necessary to validate the knowledge and skills needed for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) lines. The rapid acceptance and use of PICCs creates a need to ensure that the competency of all staff members is assessed, maintained, demonstrated and continually improved.

Easy to Use for Effective Training

Peter PICC is a portable, lightweight, teaching model featuring anatomically correct superior vena cava, subclavian, jugular, median basilic, basilic and cephalic veins. The moveable chin simulates occlusion of the jugular vein which can prevent the PICC from taking this path. This model enables staff to practice sterile technique in the set-up and insertion of the PICC line.

Palpable ribs permit the practice of measuring proper catheter length from the insertion site to the second or third intercostal space and the confirmation of proper placement of the distal tip of the catheter in the viewable superior vena cava. Standard IV catheter placement is also possible in the major veins, which are barely visible through the translucent arm skin.

Features of the Peter PICC Lines Simulator

  • Intravenous therapy trainer
  • Gain confidence, master the techniques of PICC insertion and transfer these skills to patients
  • Upper torso model including, neck, chin, right arm and ribs,
  • Muscle tissue, arm skin, body skin, arm vein set and body vein set with viewable superior vena cava provide realistic anatomy
  • Fluid bag with tubing  provided
  • Includes durable, soft-sided cloth carrying case with an additional pouch for supplies

Specifications of the Peter PICC LInes Simulator

  • Weight: 5.4kg

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