Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals 28 – 35mm (Pack of 30)


  • Pack of 30 silicone ostomy pouch seals
  • For those who have undergone a colostomy, utostomy or ileostomy
  • Protects skin from irritation around the stoma and reduces risk of leaks
  • For stomas sized 28 – 35mm


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Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals 28 – 35mm (Pack of 30)

The Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals 28 – 35mm (Pack of 30) is a box of thirty soft silicone ostomy seals for 28 – 35mm stomas. These silicone seals do not absorb moisture and so protect the skin without breaking down or seepage, to safeguard the comfort and security of ostomates.

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Who Are the Siltac Box of 30 Silicone Ostomy Seals For?

These silicone ostomy seals are designed to prevent skin irritation and pouch leakage for those with a stoma and ostomy bag. They are, therefore, perfect for anyone who has undergone:

  • Colostomy
  • Urostomy
  • Ileostomy

How Can the Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals Help?

These ostomy seals have been developed to provide the most easy, secure and hygienic ostomy pouch experience possible. Their silicone material holds a range of properties to facilitate this experience:

  • Flexible and stretchy to offer a bespoke fit to any stoma
  • Allows peristomal skin (the skin around the stoma) to breathe, minimising sweating and leakages
  • Does not absorb moisture or waste to prevent the degradation of the ostomy seal
  • Sticks to skin immediately for a quick and hygienic application
  • Comes off in a single piece without leaving a residue or damaging skin

How Do the Seals Work?

The silicone of these ostomy seals naturally returns to shape meaning they can simply be stretched around the stoma and will shrink in to form the perfect fit. This means that exposed skin can be minimised within the seal to prevent irritation.

How Do the Siltac Silicone Seals Differ from Other Ostomy Seals?

Unlike conventional hydrocolloid seals, the silicone of these ostomy seals does not absorb moisture or body waste. This prevents them from breaking down in order to maximise comfort and security, as well as the lifespan of the ostomy pouch. The natural flexibility of this material also allows the Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals to be applied closely with minimal probing or moulding.

Which Sizes Are Available?

There are three sizes of Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals Available:

  • Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals (20 – 28mm)
  • Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals (28 – 35mm)
  • Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals (35 – 44mm)

Please note that each pack is supplied with 30 seals.

Are the Seals Clean and Hygienic?

Yes, the seals are clean and hygienic. The Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals are designed to make any ostomy routine as clean, hygienic and discreet as is possible.

Will the Seals Prevent My Ostomy Pouch From Leaking?

These seals have been designed in the knowledge that stomas are likely to be on a part of the body that is constantly moving and creasing. By not absorbing any moisture or body waste, and by minimising seal related sweat around the stoma, they prevent the seal from degrading or leaking. Their flexible material should also maintain a firm seal in spite of movement or creasing.

Can These Ostomy Seals Be Used at Night?

The Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals are designed to last the same amount of time as the ostomy pouch in order to keep its seal firm even at the most vulnerable times, such as during sleep. These seals should give ostomates the security to sleep through the night without anxiety about their pouch leaking.

How Are the Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals Applied?

  1. Clean the skin around the stoma with warm water and dry completely
  2. Ease the seal out of its packet and remove gently with a thumb and forefinger
  3. Stretch the seal around the stoma, and release it so that it can return to shape
  4. Mould the seal to a close and perfect fit with the forefingers
  5. Gently attach the pouch onto the seal as normal

How are Ostomy Seal and Bag Removed?

There is no need to change a standard routine when removing the ostomy seal and bag. When removed, the ostomy pouch and seal will come off in one piece, leaving no residue. This allows for a quick, easy and clean pouch change.

Do These Ostomy Seals Absorb Moisture?

The silicone of these seals does not absorb moisture or body waste from the bag. This has two key consequences: the first is that each seal remains hygienic until the pouch needs to be removed. This reduces seepage to ensure comfort and discretion.

The second is that the seal itself will not break down. This eliminates stickiness while minimising the risk of skin irritation. Since it holds firm for a longer period of time, this also maximises the wear time of bag.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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