Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel (60g Tube)


  • Gel seal for ostomy pouches
  • Ideal for awkward stomas or peristomal skin
  • Works into creases and contours to prevent leakage
  • Easy and residue-free application and removal


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Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel (60g Tube)

The Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel (60g Tube) is a tube of silicone gel designed to form a seal around irregularly shaped or difficult to manage stomas. It works itself into skin creases to prevent gas or liquid waste from escaping the ostomy pouch.

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Who Can Use the Silken Silicone Stoma Gel?

By working its way into gaps in the skin this stoma gel offers a firm base for any ostomy bag, regardless of creases and contours. They are, therefore, perfect for anyone who has undergone a:

  • Colostomy
  • Urostomy
  • Ileostomy

How Can Silken Stoma Gel Help?

The Silken Silicone Stoma Gel is an alternative to traditional solid seals which may not seal difficult or irregular seams in the stoma or surrounding skin. This will help to reduce leakage and maintain discretion around the ostomy pouch. The gel:

  • Slowly solidifies after application to form a comprehensive seal
  • Remains soft and flexible after settling to accommodate body movement
  • Moulds into an even skin surface to prevent leakage of liquid or gas waste
  • Gently fills creases, wrinkles and irregularities in the peristomal skin (the skin around the stoma)
  • Solidifies into a single piece for easy, residue-free removal

How Does the Stoma Gel Work?

Once applied to the area around the stoma, the gel will begin to work itself into any empty areas beneath it (there is no need to actively work it in). Once settled the gel will slowly solidify from the moisture in the skin, forming a flexible but comprehensive seal beneath the ostomy pouch.

How Long Does the Gel Take to Dry?

Trio Silken Stoma Gel dries slowly to maximise its penetration into gaps in the skin. It will begin to skin over in around 20 minutes. Since it uses the body’s natural moisture – rather than air or heat – it solidifies uniformly and stays firm.

How Does Silken Silicone Stoma Gel Differ from Other Ostomy Adhesives?

Unlike conventional hydrocolloid seals, the silicone of this gel does not absorb moisture or body waste. This prevents it from breaking down in order to maximise comfort and security, as well as the lifespan of the ostomy pouch.

Unlike many conventional ostomy adhesives, the natural flexibility of this material also allows Silken Silicone Stoma Gel to move naturally with the body. This provides support and security without limiting movement or causing discomfort.

Is This Silicone Stoma Gel Clean and Hygienic?

Yes, this stoma gel is designed to make any ostomy routine as clean, hygienic and discreet as is possible.

Will This Stoma Gel Prevent an Ostomy Pouch From Leaking?

This gel has been composed in the knowledge that stomas are likely to be on a part of the body that is constantly moving and creasing. By not absorbing any moisture or body waste it prevents the seal from degrading and leaking. Even when solid, the gel remains flexible, so will maintain a firm hold in spite of movement or creasing.

Can the Gel be Used at Night?

The Silken Silicone Gel is designed to last the same amount of time as an ostomy pouch, keeping its seal firm even at the most vulnerable times, such as during sleep. It should provide ostomates with the security to sleep through the night without feeling anxiety about their pouch leaking.

Will This Prevent Ostomy Pouch Odour?

Since it penetrates deeply into skin folds to prevent liquid waste and even gas from escaping the ostomy bag, the Silken Silicone Stoma Gel should help to reduce any odour problems.

How is the Silken Silicone Stoma Gel Applied?

  1. Clean the skin around the stoma with warm water and allow it to dry completely
  2. On first use pierce the gel’s foil seal using the tab on the tube’s lid
  3. Without spreading, apply the gel to the area around the stoma
  4. Apply the pouch gently, it will allow the gel to settle into the required gaps
  5. The gel will solidify on its own beneath the bag using the body’s moisture

How is the Silicone Stoma Gel Removed?

There is no need to change a standard routine when removing the gel and ostomy bag. Over time the gel will solidify into a single silicone seal, allowing the ostomy pouch and gel to come off in one piece without residue. This allows for a simple and easy pouch change.

Does This Gel Absorb Moisture?

The silicone of this gel does not absorb moisture or body waste from the ostomy bag. This has two key consequences: the first is that its seal remains hygienic until the pouch needs to be removed. This reduces seepage to ensure comfort and discretion.

The second is that the seal itself will not break down. This eliminates stickiness while minimising the risk of skin irritation. Since it holds firm for a longer period of time, this also maximises the wear time of bag.

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