Leukoflex Waterproof Tape


  • Impermeable dressing fixation;
  • Allows patient to shower and even swim;
  • Compatible with hydrotherapy;
  • Widely used by the NHS.
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Leukoflex Waterproof Tape

The Leukoflex Waterproof Tape consists of a water-resistant polyethylene film with skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive. It is suitable for the fixation of dressings of all types and sizes. Leukoflex is the surgical tape of choice when a dressing fixation needs to be impermeable to water. Wound dressings secured with Leukoflex increase mobility and allow patients to shower, swim and even undertake hydrotherapy.

Leukoflex is widely used by the NHS and is a non-sterile product.

Leukoflex Features and Benefits

  • Thin, water-resistant polyethylene film with skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive
  • Impermeable on the inside and outside
  • Suitable for occlusive dressings
  • Conforms smoothly to body contours
  • Adapts well to all movements

Leukoflex Waterproof Tape Size Guide:

The Leukoflex is available in three different sizes with the number of rolls per pack varying accordingly.

Leukoflex Size Measurements (WxL)
Leukoflex Small (24 rolls per pack) 1.25cm x 5m
Leukoflex Medium (12 rolls per pack) 2.5cm x 5m
Leukoflex Large (6 rolls per pack) 5cm x 5m
Width x Length

Leukoflex Small (Pack of 24 Rolls), Leukoflex Medium (Pack of 12 Rolls), Leukoflex Large (Pack of 6 Rolls)

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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