Hapla Swandown on Foam (Pack of 4)


  • Closed-cell latex foam bonded to a brushed cotton surface
  • Ideal for underfoot pressure redistribution
  • Sheet size: 22.5 x 45cm
  • Available thicknesses: 5mm and 7mm
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Hapla Swandown on Foam (Pack of 4)

The Hapla Swandown on Foam (Pack of 4), with its ability to absorb pressure and bounce back into its initial shape instantaneously, is ideal for underfoot pressure redistribution. Due to its closed cell construction, it can absorb impact force during gait and has a cotton moleskin on one side which feels soft against the skin.

Who Can Use the Hapla Swandown Foam?

This foam is ideal for patients who require underfoot padding. Due to its springy, closed cell construction, it can be applied to the bottom of the foot for pressure redistribution and protection from the force of walking.

How Does It Work?

Hapla Swanfoam is a closed-cell latex foam bonded to a brushed cotton surface that absorbs pressure with instantaneous recovery. This shape-shifting ability makes it perfect for underfoot pressure redistribution, protecting the feet from harsh impact.

How Comfortable Is This Foam?

Despite this foam’s ability to protect against impact force, it is lightweight, and should be very comfortable if shaped and applied correctly. In addition to its bouncy foam construction, it has a soft moleskin top cover which should feel great against the skin.

Hapla Swanfoam Sizing

All Hapla Swanfoams are available as 22.5 x 45cm sheets that can be easily cut and shaped to fit your needs best. Moreover, you can choose from two levels of thickness: 5mm and 7mm. Both thicknesses are available in a pack of four.


5mm, 7mm

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