Hapla Foam-O-Felt (Pack of 4)


  • Combines pure wool felt with a latex foam surface
  • Absorbs pressure and cushions the impact
  • Sheet size: 22.5 x 45cm
  • Available thicknesses: 5mm or 7mm
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Hapla Foam-O-Felt (Pack of 4)

Combining pure wool felt with a latex foam surface, the Hapla Foam-O-Felt (Pack of 4) is double layered to provide a high level of pressure absorption, impact cushioning, and pressure redistribution. The Foam-O-Felt is especially suitable for older patients’ feet.

Who Can Use the Hapla Foam-O-Felt?

The Hapla Foam-O-Felt is ideal for older patients whose natural fibro fatty tissue on the feet has broken down. This foam can provide the additional support and cushioning needed for safe movement.

How Does it Work?

The perfect combination of pure 100% wool bonded to a closed-cell latex foam surface works great for absorbing pressure and cushioning impact. While the closed-cell structure compresses to absorb all the pressure with instantaneous recovery, the pure wool felt is strong and comfortable to redistribute pressure.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 100% wool felt and a closed cell latex foam surface
  • Ideal for older patients or those lacking natural fibro fatty tissue in their feet
  • Combination of materials provides support as well as comfort
  • Ideal for pressure absorption and redistribution
  • Available in either 5mm or 7mm thicknesses

How Is This Foam Applied?

Depending on your condition, a health professional can recommend how this foam should be applied to your feet. As the foam is supplied in the form of large sheets, it can be easily cut to the correct size and shape before application.

Foam-O-Felt Sizing

The Foam-O-Felt is available in a pack of four 22.5 x 45cm sheets. There are two options of thickness: 5mm and 7mm


5mm, 7mm

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