Simulaids Pitting Oedema Trainer


  • Oedema training kit representing 4 stages
  • Ideal tool for teaching students to assess swelling
  • Contains four tissue pads to represent different stages
  • Supplied with a five year warranty


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Simulaids Pitting Oedema Trainer

When it comes to patient assessment, doctors and medical practitioners often observe tissue swelling in the extremities as part of this routine check-up. The Simulaids Pitting Oedema Trainer has been specially designed to aid medical students in identifying tissue swelling by providing four life-like stages of pitting oedema to enable effective patient care in future.

What’s Included?

  • 4 x Tissue Pads representing 4 stages
  • 1 x Insert tray
  • 1 x Key card with cleaning/care instructions
  • 1 x Storage box

Who Can Use the Pitting Oedema Trainer?

The Simulaids Pitting Oedema Trainer is a specially designed training tool that aids in the identification of oedema. As such, this trainer can be used by the following:

  • Medical students
  • Medical trainers
  • Medical practitioners
  • Doctors

Key Features and Benefits

  • Training tool for identifying pitting oedema
  • Ideal for medical students and practitioners
  • Life-like texture for realistic training
  • Demonstrates the four stages of oedema

What Is Oedema?

Oedema is caused by the abnormal accumulation of fluid within the interstitial spaces of tissue causing swelling and is most common in areas of the body such as the ankles, legs and feet. Pressing on the surface of the skin may leave an indentation that doesn’t immediately rebound once the pressure is released. This indentation is known as pitting oedema which is graded by the depth of the indentation.

How Does This Oedema Trainer Work?

Specially designed to help medical students identify pitting oedema, this Simulaids Pitting Oedema Trainer uses life-like simulated tissue to demonstrate the stages of swelling from 1+ through to 4+:

  • Stage 1+ – Mild pitting, slight indentation (2mm), no perceptible swelling of area
  • Stage 2+ – Moderate pitting, indentation (4mm) subsides rapidly
  • Stage 3+ – Deep pitting, indentation (6mm) remains for a short time, area looks swollen
  • Stage 4+ – Very deep pitting, indentation (8mm) lasts a long time, area is very swollen

How Do I Use the Oedema Trainer?

For guidance on using the Oedema Trainer from Simulaids, please refer to the guide below:

  • User Instruction Guide

What Can I Use This Trainer For?

  • Assessment of stages (1+ through 4+)
  • Assessment of depth (2mm – 8mm)
  • Assessment of rebound time to baseline

How Long Will the Oedema Trainer Last?

Made with durability in mind, this Pitting Oedema trainer is made using life-like synthetic tissue that is long-lasting, so you can train your students to test for swelling for many uses to come. This product also comes with five-year warranty so you can have peace of mind with your purchase.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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