Laerdal Mini Anne Plus CPR Mannequins with Light Skin (Pack of 10)


  • Simple, hygienic inflatable mannequins for compact storage
  • Durable and reusable mannequins with 50 hygienic wipes
  • Adjustable clicker settings to encourage new learners
  • Ideal for use in the classroom to teach children CPR


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Laerdal Mini Anne Plus CPR Mannequins with Light Skin (Pack of 10)

CPR training programmes in schools help save lives, but ensuring that children remain engaged while they learn the procedure can prove to be a difficult task. Laerdal Mini Anne Plus CPR Mannequins with Light Skin (Pack of 10) are models for hands-on learning to help students not only stay focused but also practise what they’ve been taught.

Features and Benefits of the Mannequins

  • Class set of mannequins increases student hands-on time for CPR skills practise
  • Adjustable clicker settings gives feedback on compressions according to 2015 guidelines
  • Provides encouragement to new learners
  • Unique inflation method doubles as storage bag for safe keeping between classes
  • Has a convenient carry bag
  • Includes consumables designed to reduce setup time between classes
  • Reusable class set makes layperson CPR training more cost effective
  • Helps save lives in classroom settings
  • Increases children’s confidence, willingness to act and performance of CPR
  • Improves learning and skill retention

Training for Your Community

The new Mini Anne Plus Mannequins are a quality CPR training solution for communities. They offer improved:

  • Training – individual mannequins increase hands-on time for skills practice
  • Feedback – compression depth clicker reinforces quality CPR recommendations
  • Simplicity – all the requirements for a course in one convenient, portable, reusable kit

Effective and Innovative

Laerdal’s Mini Anne Plus Mannequins are a cost-effective solution for teaching quality CPR using durable, reusable mannequins. Ten individual mannequins are included in each set to increase students’ hands-on time during training. The innovative new pump bag provides a simple, hygienic inflation method.

Teaching CPR in Schools

Research shows that training school children in CPR increases their confidence, willingness to act, and CPR performance in the event of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Student can practise while watching a demonstration to improve learning and skill retention.

What’s Included with Your Order?

  • 10 x Mini Anne Mannequins
  • 10 x Kneel mats
  • 10 x Pump bags
  • 1 x Carry bag
  • 2 x Mesh collection bags
  • 10 x Face masks
  • 50 x Mannequin wipes
  • 50 x Airways

Technical Specifications

  • Reusable set of 10 Mini Anne Mannequins
  • Durable; tested to at least 300,000 compressions
  • Easy-to-use pump bag for hygienic inflation
  • Guideline-compliant clicker setting
  • Soft clicker setting encourages new learners
  • Carry bag including pump bag and kneel mats for each student
  • Quick preparation and clean up

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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