Simulaids Airway Replacement System for CPR Water Rescue Manikin (Pack of 24)


  • Pack of 24 airway resuscitation systems
  • For use with the Simulaids Adult Water Rescue Manikin with CPR
  • Facilitates airway resuscitation training
  • Ideal for CPR classes and one-on-one sessions


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Simulaids Airway Replacement for CPR Water Rescue Manikin (Pack of 24)

Specially designed to aid in the training of CPR, the Simulaids Airway Replacement for CPR Water Rescue Manikin (Pack of 24) is specially designed for use with the Simulaids Adult Water Rescue Manikin with CPR Resuscitation. With 24 airway systems, you can have hygienic CPR practice with students for effective training every time.

What’s Included?

  • 24 x Airway Replacement Systems

Who Can Use the Airway System?

The CPR Airway System is designed for trainers who already own the Simulaids Water Rescue Manikin with CPR. The pack of 24 replacement systems are ideal for those who conduct larger classes or frequent one-on-one sessions, ensuring that a fresh airway system can be used when required. Typical users include:

  • Coastguards
  • Lifeguards at pools
  • Emergency personnel
  • Medical students

Key Features and Benefits

  • For use with the Simulaids Adult Water Rescue Manikin with CPR Resuscitation
  • Enables hygienic CPR training
  • Pack of 24

How Do I Replace the Airway System After Use?

To use, remove and reinstall the Simulaids Airway System in conjunction with the rescue manikin, follow these two simple stages below:


  1. Unfasten the overlay at the shoulders and pull it down below the lung so that the lung is free from the overlay and torso
  2. Remove the head from the manikin by removing the pin located at the rear of the neck
  3. Remove the mouthpiece and disinfect
  4. Separate the airway valve system in two by twisting the clear and red valves apart from one another
  5. Discard all airway parts except for the mouthpieces


  1. Insert the single port side of the red valve into the back hole of the mouth
  2. Place the clear plastic valve over the red valve port inside the mouth and push it firmly into place
  3. Position the lung airway so that it is between the neck pin and the front of the neck, allowing it to hang below the head
  4. Reattach the head using the pin to secure
  5. Tilt the head backwards and drape the lung over the chest
  6. Replace the overlay and snap it down and reattach the disinfected mouthpiece to begin CPR

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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