Sharpsguard Ampoule Breaker (Case of 48)


  • Breaker to reduce the risk of injury when breaking ampoules
  • Container holds up to 200 ampoule caps for safer storage before disposal
  • Slot can be covered by a flap in between use for safety
  • Ideal for wards, theatres, A&E, and mobile medical services


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Sharpsguard Ampoule Breaker (Case of 48)

Manually breaking the neck of an ampoule puts hands at risk of injury from shards of glass. The Sharpsguard Ampoule Breaker (Case of 48) minimises this risk by removing the cap of the glass capsules, before storing them more safely inside the container ahead of disposal.

Where Can the Ampoule Breaker be Used?

The polypropylene Ampoule Breaker is ideal for use in a wide range of medical environments where ampoules are required. It can provide a permanent fixture on wards, in theatres, and at Accident and Emergency departments to ensure that ampoules can be more safely used as and when needed.

Due to its smaller size, the breaker is also a practical solution for breaking the necks of ampoules when in transit or treating patients away from the hospital. This makes it ideal for use by mobile medical services.

Designed for Safety and Convenience

The Ampoule Breaker features a flap that can be closed down over the slot when not in use. This will improve the safety by helping to protect hands and fingers from exposure to the breaker. This is particularly important if the Ampoule Breaker is kept in an environment where there is patient access, for example on a ward or at a clinic.

Once the neck of the ampoule has been snapped, the cap will then fall down into the container. Up to 200 ampoule caps be can be stored inside the container, providing a convenient storage solution for safely holding ampoule caps ahead of disposal.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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