Nitrex GN01 Extra Sensitive Nitrile Medical Gloves


  • Formulated for high levels of strength and tactile sensitivity
  • Micro-textured fingertips provide good grip for precision
  • Certified for resistance to viral penetration (F1671)
  • Price is per box of 200 ambidextrous gloves


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Nitrex GN01 Extra Sensitive Nitrile Medical Gloves

The Nitrex GN01 Extra Sensitive Nitrile Medical Gloves are manufactured with a superior nitrile formula to provide a high level of resistance against permeation by chemicals and micro-organisms. The micro-textured fingertips improve grip for greater precision, while the extended cuff allows easy donning and gives better protection against rollback of harmful substances.

What’s Included?

  • 200 x Ambidextrous Gloves

Key Information

  • EN 455 1-4
  • EN 374-1
  • EN 374-5
  • AQL 1.5
  • Latex and powder-free
  • Size Range: Extra Small – Extra Large
  • Supplied as a box of 200 disposable gloves

Who Can Use the Nitrex GN01 Medical Gloves?

Manufactured from a high-quality nitrile formulation, the Nitrex GN01 Gloves offer great protection against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and permeation from chemotherapy drugs. The chemical and puncture-resistant qualities make these gloves well suited for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Care Home
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Clinics
  • Emergency Services
  • Product Inspection
  • Vets

Sizing of the Nitrex GN01 Medical Gloves

The Nitrex GN01 Medical Gloves are available in five sizes. Please measure the width of your palm and match your measurements to the table below. Each glove features a minimum hand length of 240mm.

Glove Size Palm Width (±5mm) Palm Length (mm)
Extra Small 75mm 240mm
Small 85mm 240mm
Medium 95mm 240mm
Large 106mm 240mm
Extra Large 116mm 240mm

Physical Properties of the Nitrex GN01 Medical Gloves

  • Force at Break (Newtons): >6N
  • Finger Thickness (mm): 0.06mm
  • Palm Thickness (mm): 0.05mm
  • Cuff Thickness (mm): 0.4mm

How Do the Nitrex GN01 Medical Gloves Protect Your Hands?

Manufactured from a top-quality nitrile formulation, the Nitrex Medical Gloves offer incredible protection against punctures, chemicals and viral penetration. Having been tested to EU regulation standards for medical gloves, chemical resistance and protection against viral pathogens, these gloves are certified for use in most healthcare and science professions.

Performance Ratings

  • EN 455-1 (Standard for Medical Gloves)
    • EN 455-1 (Freedom from Holes)
    • EN 455-4 (Shelf-Life Determination)
    • EN 455-3 (Biological Evaluation)
    • EN 455-2 (Physical Properties)
  • EN 374 (Standard for Chemical Resistant Gloves)
  • F1671 (Protection Against Viral Penetration)
  • AQL 1.5

How Makes the Nitrex GN01 Gloves Stand Out?

What separates the Nitrex GN01 Gloves from other disposable examination gloves is their superior strength and high level of tactile sensitivity. With excellent grip and smooth, latex-free nitrile construction, these gloves feel like an extra layer of skin that protects against chemical and biological hazards.

How Much Grip Do the Nitrex Medical Gloves Provide?

Designed with micro-textured fingers, the Nitrex Medical Gloves provides additional grip for performing intricate tasks with accuracy and precision. Needlework, examinations and incisions can all be done with the same level of precision you would without gloves, but with extra protection.

Are the Nitrex GN01 Medical Gloves Latex-Free?

Yes, the Nitrex GN01 medical Gloves are entirely latex-free, which gives them a high-level of tactile sensitivity. Those with allergies or sensitive skin can use these gloves without suffering a negative reaction.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Single-use, powder-free nitrile examination gloves
  • Formulated for high levels of strength and tactile sensitivity
  • Micro-textured fingertips provide excellent grip
  • Ambidextrous design for greater versatility
  • Powder-free for reduced risk of contamination and allergy
  • Certified for resistance against viral penetration (F1671)
  • Beaded cuff for increased resistance to tear
  • Latex-free for reduced risk of allergic skin reaction
  • Force at Break of 6 Newtons
  • Supplied in a box of 200 individual gloves

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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