Laerdal Resusci Junior QCPR Mannequin


  • Ideal for paediatric students likely to encounter young patients
  • Suitable for use with the SkillGuide Feedback Device
  • Improves individual skills to boost team performance
  • Provides hands-on experience to medical students


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Laerdal Resusci Junior QCPR Mannequin

CPR for children requires a different technique than CPR for adults, so it’s integral that students learn the differences, particularly if they are thinking about specialising in paediatrics or trauma. The Laerdal Resusci Junior QCPR Mannequin offers realistic, high-quality child CPR education, allowing students to gain hands-on experience without a risk of harm to patients. This mannequin is suitable for use with the SkillGuide Feedback Device, which offers metrics so students can continuously improve their CPR skills

Key Features and Benefits

  • Focuses on the performance level of key CPR skills and techniques for children
  • Helps ensure students are trained on child CPR prior to going into the field
  • Offers hands-on experience to students without harming patients
  • Makes classes more interactive and enjoyable for students
  • Ideal for students who learn through performing the task
  • Improves individual skills to boost team performance and motivation
  • Helps students prepare as accurately as possible to save a child’s life
  • Ideal for use with the SkillGuide Feedback Device
  • Ensures you’re able to more effectively monitor and review CPR performance
  • Increases the efficiency and value of training time

Designed for Use with the Feedback Device

The Laerdal Resusci Junior Mannequin is an effective classroom model, but its efficacy is vastly improved when it is used in conjunction with the SkillGuide Feedback Device. This connects directly the mannequin and offers individual, live feedback to your students. Feedback includes information about the depth of compressions, as well as the position of hands on the model.

What’s Included with My Purchase?

The following items are included in your order:

  • 1 x Resusci Junior QCPR
  • 1 x Soft carry case with integrated knee padding
  • 1 x Pulse bulb
  • 1 x Jacket
  • 4 x Junior faces
  • 3 x Junior airways
  • 18 x Mannequin wipes
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x Important product information
  • 4 x AA size batteries
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A cable and power adapter

Educationally Effective

Designed to focus on the performance level of key CPR skills and techniques for children, the Resusci Junior QCPR Mannequin is educationally effective. You can rest assured that your students will know how to properly perform CPR on children once they’ve finished their training.

Realistic Anatomical Body

Designed with a realistic anatomical body and landmarks, the Laerdal Resusci Junior Mannequin helps you learn realistic child handling and quality child CPR skills. Performing CPR on children differs from performing the technique on adults, so it’s integral that learners have experience performing on different mannequins to learn how they are different.

Care Information

  • Keep the mannequin clean and in a hygienic condition
  • Replace the airway after every class
  • It is recommended that you use a separate mannequin face for every student
  • If several students use one mannequin face, thoroughly sanitise the mannequin face after every use
  • Clean all skin parts regularly. Use warm soapy water or Laerdal Mannequin Wipes

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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