Laerdal Little Family CPR Mannequins with Dark Skin (Pack of 3)


  • Provides effective adult, baby and infant CPR training
  • Realistic anatomical landmarks for enhanced learning
  • Has dark skin to reflect and promote cultural diversity
  • Supplied in a carry bag with wheels for easy storage


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Laerdal Little Family CPR Mannequins with Dark Skin (Pack of 3)

Learning how to effectively perform CPR on adults, children and infants usually means you have to purchase the different mannequins separately. The Laerdal Little Family CPR Mannequins with Dark Skin (Pack of 3) have been designed to reflect the realistic anatomical differences between an adult, a child and an infant. The mannequins are supplied in a pack so you don’t have to go through the process of ordering them separately.

Features and Benefits of the Little Family CPR Mannequins

  • Educationally effective by offering all of the essential features necessary for learning quality adult CPR
  • Mannequins have dark skin to reflect diverse population
  • Affordable hands-on experience
  • All-in-one, realistic, inexpensive training
  • Designed to reflect realistic anatomical differences among adults, children and infants
  • Supplied in a convenient carry case on wheels for easy storage and transportation
  • Realistic anatomical landmarks provide features necessary to teach adult CPR techniques
  • Durable construction allows unequalled long-term use
  • Realistic age-specific mannequins

Focuses on Quality CPR

This new Little Family Pack has been designed so you can focus on providing students with quality CPR training. The kit has been designed to reflect the realistic anatomical differences between adults, children, and infants. The Little Family Mannequins come in a convenient bag on wheels so you can easily store and transport your Little Family.

Reflects Diversity of Patients

Making learning more effective, realistic and engaging for students is a key issue for educators. Using training mannequins with different skin tones can help you reflect the diversity of real patients and promote cultural competency for improved patient care and efficiency. These CPR Mannequins have Dark Skin to improve student engagement and promote cultural variation.

What’s Included with Your Purchase?

  • 1 x Little Anne
  • 1 x Little Junior
  • 1 x Baby Anne
  • 2 x Training mats
  • 2 x Little Anne airways
  • 2 x Little Anne mannequin faces
  • 2 x Little Junior airways
  • 2 x Little Junior mannequin faces
  • 6 x Baby Anne airways
  • 12 x Mannequin wipes
  • 1 x Baby face
  • 10 x Foreign body practice objects (for use on Baby Anne only)
  • 3 x User guides
  • 1 x Large family pack bag on wheels

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