Hapla Fleecy Foam Padding Sheets (Pack of Four)


  • Medical grade foam for effective cushioning
  • Soft material great for bony prominences
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy application
  • Supplied in a pack of four sheets
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Hapla Fleecy Foam Padding Sheets (Pack of Four)

Offering both comfort and support, the Hapla Fleecy Foam Padding Sheets (Pack of Four) are a fantastic choice for applying splinting or padding bony prominences, particularly on the top of the foot (dorsal). Made from medical grade foam, they can provide light cushioning and pressure reduction and are available in 5mm or 7mm thicknesses.

Key Features of the Hapla Fleecy Foam Padding Sheets

The key features and benefits of the Hapla Fleecy Foam Sheets are:

  • Medical-grade foam for great cushioning and padding
  • Soft open-cell foam great for padding bony prominences
  • Ideal for use on the dorsal, or upper part of the
  • Fleecy surface provides additional comfort
  • Latex free for those with sensitive skin or latex allergy
  • Option of 5mm or 7mm thickness

How Do They Work?

Made using soft, open-cell medical-grade foam, the sheets can provide light cushioning for bony prominences and can pad splints. They can improve comfort without adding excess bulk to a splint for easy, comfortable wear, and have a fleecy surface which feels soft against the skin.

Are They Easy to Apply?

These sheets are very easy to apply as they have an adhesive backing, so they are able to hold themselves in place as other paddings or strappings are applied. Supplied in 23cm x 45cm sheets, they can be measured and cut to the correct size for the patient.


These sheets are made from medical grade foam and are completely free from latex. This makes the suitable for patients with sensitive skin as well as latex allergy.

Dimensions of the Hapla Fleecy Foam Sheets

Each of the Hapla Fleecy Foam Padding Sheets feature the following dimensions:

  • Length: 45cm
  • Width: 23cm
  • Depth: 0.5cm

5mm, 7mm

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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