Catheterisation Male Simulator BASIC


  • Demonstrate, practice and assess male catheterisation procedures
  • Ideal for teachers, students and medical professionals
  • Features removable foreskin and transparent bladder for assessment
  • Stands with magnetic connections for genital inserts


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Catheterisation Male Simulator BASIC

The Catheterisation Male Simulator BASIC features a transparent bladder, removable foreskin, a stretchable penis and a realistic liquid outflow, making it ideal for demonstrations and practicing on by students, doctors, surgeons and medical professionals. The simulator is held together by magnetic connections and is extremely easy to clean, assemble and dissemble, which is why it’s well recommended for use in colleges, universities and hospitals.

What’s in the Box?

With your purchase you will receive:

  • 1 x Catheterisation set with transparent bladder
  • 1 x Bottle
  • 1 x Tube connector
  • 1 x Magnetic connection for genital inserts

Please note that this set is not supplied with a catheter.

What Is the Catheterisation Male Simulator For?

With the Catheterisation Male Simulator you can demonstrate, practice and assess different male bladder catheterisation procedures. Ideal for students, lecturers, doctors, teachers and medical professionals, this model allows for the insertion and removal of a catheter into the bladder, with accurate resistance and depths making the procedure all the more realistic. Liquid outflow, removal inserts and an easy clean design add the usability, making it the perfect choice for colleges, universities, hospitals and more.

Who Can Use the Catheterisation Simulator?

We would recommend the Catheterisation Male Simulator if you are a student, a lecturer, a teacher, a medical professional or someone who wants further practice on male catheterisation procedures. The Male Simulator BASIC is designed to be simple, understandable and realistic, which makes it well suited to those who are just getting to grips with the catheterisation process. We would recommend the simulator in the following scenarios:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • General Practice (GP)

How Do I Use the Catheterisation Male Simulator?

The Catheterisation Simulator is designed to be realistic but simple, so it doesn’t take too long to set the device up. Removable parts, a transparent bladder and magnetic connectors for a quick set-up and easy dismantling only add to the usability. You can access a full user set-up and instruction guide by clicking on the link below.

User Instructions
Click here for full user instructions

Which Catheter Should I Use with This Set?

This simulator is not supplied with its own catheter. We would recommend using catheters with only one or two drainage eyes opposite to each other. It is suitable for use with silicone and PVC catheters, and we would recommend the following types of catheter:

  • Urethral narrowing “open” = 16 CH catheter or 14 CH balloon catheter
  • Urethral narrowing “partial narrowing” = 14 CH catheter or 12 CH balloon catheter

Please note that catheters with a curved tip should not be used.

Why Is the Catheterisation Male Simulator Ideal for Students?

Students will most likely be beginners to catheterisation, so it’s important to use a realistic but simple simulator at the start of the learning process. The material of the insert is soft and flexible, the penis can be stretched and the urethra can be narrowed, meaning that the student can practice all the different types of catheterisation that they can expect during their medical career.

This realistic design also incorporates a liquid outflow should the student be successful, meaning that the student can quickly get to grips with what works and what doesn’t. Finally, the model is held together using magnetic connectors meaning that it is extremely easy to assemble and dissemble, ideal for transporting around university and medical school.

Why Is the Catheterisation Male Simulator Ideal for Demonstrations?

Lecturers, teachers and medical professionals can expect to have to perform demonstrations at some point in their career, and to do that you need a simple and transparent simulator that is easy to see. Clear realistic parts, a transparent bladder and removable foreskin make the simulator perfect for demonstrations, especially as you can show the students exactly what is happening inside the bladder during the procedure. The easy to clean design and quick set-up construction make it ideal for universities and colleges as it can be used repeatedly throughout the day, before being cleaned in the evening.

How Does the Male Catheterisation Simulator Work?

The genital insert is placed into the holder and held in place with magnets, helping to improve realism and stability during a demonstration. The material means that when the practitioner inserts the catheter, they are met with a realistic amount of resistance and a realistic level of depth. This realism is only enhanced as when the practitioner carries out a successful catheterisation, liquid will run out just like in a real person.

The Catheterisation Male Simulator in use
The Catheterisation Male Simulator in use

Furthermore, the simulator is designed to offer various levels of difficulty, with three options that adjust the diameter of the urethra. At the lowest setting, catheterisation is not possible, meaning that the student must reach the conclusion that a suprapubic catheter is necessary.

What Other Versions Are Available?

Should you want to purchase different versions from you can. We have a wide range of Catheterisation Models, and male, female and more advanced versions of this simulator can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

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  • Catheterisation Female Simulator PRO
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  • Catheterisation Male and Female Simulator PRO

What Specifications Do I Need to Know?

  • Product Code: 1020232
  • Product Weight: 2.3kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 36cm x 11cm x 26.5cm

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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