Acupuncture Model of the Head


  • Acupuncture model of the head showing acupuncture points
  • Large head ideal for use by acupuncturists in training
  • Lifelike size is perfect for training use
  • Wooden base perfect for display in clinic


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Acupuncture Model of the Head

The Acupuncture Model of the Head is suitable for acupuncture training, allowing inexperienced acupuncturists to practise placing needles within acupuncture points on the head. The model features acupuncture points that are written in both European and Chinese, while the wooden base stand is perfect for putting on display in your acupuncture clinic.

What Is the Acupuncture Model For?

The Acupuncture Model is designed for use by acupuncturists in training, particularly those interested in auricular acupuncture. The human-sized head features both Chinese and English written acupuncture points, enabling acupuncturists to clearly see which parts of the head feature acupuncture trigger points.

Who Can Use the Acupuncture Head Model?

The Acupuncture Head Model is recommended for use by acupuncturists in training, or by students who are considering a career in acupuncture. It is also suitable for use by professional acupuncturists who may want to recap on the different parts of the head that have the highest positive reaction from acupuncture needles. Finally, the head is ideal for use on display in an acupuncture clinic, as the base enables it to sit on its own on a worktop or work surface.

Why Is the Acupuncture Model of the Head Ideal for Display?

The Acupuncture Head is white, and features a base that enables it to sit on desks, workspaces, tables and more, without worry that it will become damaged during use. This makes it particularly ideal for use in acupuncture clinics, where you might want items such as this on display.

Features of the Acupunture Model of the Head

  • Model shows the acupuncture points with European and Chinese characters
  • Made of durable soft PVC
  • Size (WxLxH): 12 x 12 x 23cm
  • Mounted on a wooden base
  • Can also be used to practice with real acupuncture needles

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