3B Scientific Baby Care Model W17000/W17001


  • Baby model for baby care at school
  • Can also be used in preparation parent courses
  • Allows dressing, undressing, washing and changing diapers
  • Features open eyes and movable joints


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3B Scientific Baby Care Model W17000/W17001

The 3B Scientific Baby Care Model W17000/W17001 is a newborn baby model that enables you to teach young children or soon-to-be parents key elements of baby care. This can include dressing and undressing, washing and changing diapers, while the movable joints and eyes and supplied diaper add a sense of realism to the model.

What’s in the Box?

With your purchase you will receive:

  • 1 x Baby-Doll Model
  • 1 x Cloth Diaper

What Is the 3B Scientific Baby Care Model For?

The 3B Scientific Baby Care Model is designed for training the main principles of baby care at school and in preparation courses for young parents. With the model, you can dress, undress, wash and change its diaper, allowing you to train children and adults the crucial things with baby care. We would recommend the 3B Scientific Model in the following situations:

  • Elementary/Primary School
  • Parental Classes
  • Midwifery School

How Realistic Is the Baby Care Model W17000/W17001?

The Baby Care Model is realistic enough to give parents, children and pupils to learn about baby care. The baby is realistic, coming with the choice of male or female, it comes complete with all bodily features. The doll also has movable joints and eyes, helping to give a sense of realism.

Why Is the 3B Baby Care Model Ideal for Schools?

The 3B Baby Care Model is ideal for schools because its small, lightweight design and realistic features is perfect for teaching young children. You can quickly demonstrate different tasks such as dressing, undressing and changing diapers, and because of its realistic size you can dress it in normal baby clothes. The movable joints teach children how to hold a baby without putting its health at risk.

Why Is the Baby Care Model Ideal for Parent Courses?

Parents who are looking to have a baby sometimes require extra lessons, which is why the 3B Scientific Baby Care Model is ideal for educational courses. The supplied diaper enables training, while movable joints can give parents a quick demonstration on how to dress and undress the baby.

Key Specifications

  • Item Code:
    • Male: W17000
    • Female: W17001
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Dimensions: 50cm

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