Timesco Dual-Head Teaching Stethoscope


  • Dual-head stethoscope with two binaural headsets
  • Designed for simultaneous use by student and teacher
  • Aluminium alloy chest piece with a PVC tube
  • Features a 47mm diameter dual chest piece


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Timesco Dual-Head Teaching Stethoscope

The Timesco Dual-Head Teaching Stethoscope allows both a student and a teacher to simultaneously listen to heart and chest sounds, making it ideal in training scenarios or learning environments. It features two binaural headsets connect by PVC tubes to the dual aluminium alloy chest piece, making it a durable option suitable for repeated use.

Who Can Use the Teaching Stethoscope?

The Teaching Stethoscope is designed for use in medical education. As it features two binaural headsets connected to the same chest piece, both teacher and student can listen to and analyse heart and chest sounds at the same time. This makes it easier for teachers to hear exactly what the student can, allowing for more accurate and helpful feedback.

What Are the Benefits of a Dual-Head Stethoscope?

The Timesco Teaching Stethoscope features a dual-head design. This double-sided chest piece can be used to listen to sounds caused by a range of heart conditions, as well as other sounds within the body. The larger side of the chest piece features a diameter of 47mm, which allows for reliable listening, while the smaller side allows the practitioner to focus more closely on a more specific area.

From Which Materials Is the Teaching Stethoscope Made?

The Dual-Head Teaching Stethoscope is constructed with PVC tubes, allowing for flexible use. It also features an aluminium alloy chest piece for durable use in teaching sessions.

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