Sounds and Arrhythmia Tutor


  • Unique audio tutor
  • 2 mounted sounders for stethoscope
  • Further sounders may be attached
  • A library of sound menu cards available


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Sounds and Arrhythmia Tutor

The Sounds and Arrhythmia Tutor is an audio teaching device that combines two tutors into one, simulating either heart and breath sounds or arrhythmias. A perfect tool for Medical Schools, Nursing schools, EMS Education programs or other healthcare settings where rhythm and sound recognition is critical.

Unique Audio Training

This unique tutor allows instructors the flexibility to change menus by changing plug-in modules. The unit has a 16-panel keypad with two built-in sounders and two external sounders. Linking additional sounders or a speaker allows access to more users.

An Unrivalled Feature of Any Classroom

  • Simple to use sound tutor
  • Demonstrates the sounds caused by heart, breath and arrhythmias
  • 2 Mounted sounders
  • Up to 50 sounders can be connected
  • Volume control and two LEDs that illuminate during systole
  • Illuminated display showing the example currently playing
  • Arrhythmias may be viewed by connecting the three snap-on lead patient wires to your ECG-monitor
  • Supplied with 12 Volt adapter.

Compatible Sound Menu Cards

Sound Menu Product Code
Basic Heart Sounds M-1018175
Murmurs M-1018176
Breath Sounds M-1018177
Paediatric Breath Sounds M-1018178
Paediatric Heart M-1018179
Rates and Rhythms M-1018181
ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life-Support M-1018152
ACLS II – Advanced Cardiac Life-Support M-1018183
CCU/ICU M-1018184
CCU/ICU II M-1018185
CCU/ICU III M-1018186
Acute Myo-Infarcts Massive Anterior M-1018188
Paced Beats M-1018189
Paediatric PALS M-1018190
Mitral Valve Disease M-1018191
Aortic Regurgitation M-1018192
Congenital Heart Disease M-1005891

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