Child Heart and Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer


  • Realistic anatomical sound generator
  • Replicates heart and lung sound of 4 year old child
  • Can be controlled by PC or remote control
  • External speaker jack for group lessons


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Child Heart and Lungs Sound Trainer

The Child Heart and Lungs Sound Trainer is a self-contained heart and lung sound generator and delivers site-specific heart and lung sounds typical of a four-year old child. Use any stethoscope in the normal auscultation site for paediatric assessment to listen to realistic internal sounds.

PC or Remote Controlled Training Programme

Featuring lung speakers and heart speakers to mimic actual sounds, the unit can be run from either a conventional PC using your mouse and monitor, or through the special handheld remote. An external speaker jack allows you to broadcast sounds to the entire classroom, or you can use it for audible testing of more than one student at a time.

Classroom broadcasts of speakers/sounds in specific locations allow students to hear precise sound anomalies encountered when they auscultate the manikin. No programming required, simply plug in, attach your USB mouse and monitor cable, and point and click your way to student excellence in lung and heart sound knowledge.

For Lifelike Training of Individuals or Groups

  • Generates realistic heart and lungs sounds typical of a 4 year old child
  • Compatible with any stethoscope
  • Lung and heart sounds can be triggered either by PC or remote control
  • External speaker jack
  • USB mouse and monitor socket

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