Rudiger Life-Size Anatomical Skeleton Model with Muscle Painting


  • Incredibly detailed model skeleton with reproduction casting
  • Suitable for educational or demonstrative purposes
  • Flexible spinal cord and thorax helps simulate breathing techniques
  • Painted muscles and insertions that are numbered with provided key
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Rudiger Life-Size Anatomical Skeleton Model with Muscle Painting

Designed with a high level of scientific accuracy, the Rudiger Life-Size Anatomical Skeleton Model with Muscle Painting is the perfect feature for a science classroom or doctor’s office. This model includes red and blue paint to show the origins and insertions of the muscle, and each body part is numbered to match the anatomy key provided.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Model Skeleton
  • 1 x Display Stand
  • 1 x Dust Cover

Who Can Use the Rudiger Model Skeleton?

This accurately detailed model of the human skeleton with painted ligaments and muscles is ideal for educational and demonstrative purposes in schools, universities and medical practices. Some of the applications for this model may include (but are not limited too):

  • Biology classes
  • Professional teaching
  • Personal studies
  • Patient education/demonstration
  • General education

Key Features and Benefits

  • Accurately detailed model skeleton cast directly from specially selected human skeletons
  • Flexible spine for demonstrating the body’s natural movement
  • Painted muscles and muscle insertions for educational purposes
  • Muscles are numbered with a provided key for easier identification
  • Constructed using durable plastic that won’t deteriorate or break in normal use
  • Special U-brackets mimic the natural movements of the joint
  • Skull dissects into four parts with exceptional anatomic detail
  • Full set of removable teeth (31 out of 32 are removable)
  • Supplied complete with a dust cover for better storage

Incredibly Detailed

Cast from specially selected human skeletons, the Rudiger Model has an impressive level of detail that ensures precision when used for teaching or demonstration. This is a great tool for student and patient learning, as it offers them the chance to match the parts of the body to their names, and accurately simulates how the body’s movement.

Highlights Muscles and Insertions

A selection of key muscles have been painted on the Rudiger Model to highlight their location on the body – with the muscles painted red and the muscle insertions painted blue. Each painted muscle is numbered, with a provided key to help students match the name of a muscle to its location on the body.

Mimics the Body’s Movement

The Rudiger Model features specially made U-brackets that mimic the natural movements of the joints without damaging the model. This is especially useful for demonstrating a particular injury, condition or rehabilitative exercise to a patient during a doctors appointment or physiotherapy session.

Rudiger Skeleton Model U-Brackets

Long-Lasting and Durable

Constructed using durable plastic, the Rudiger Model Skeleton doesn’t deteriorate with age and is resistant to damage. Not only does this investment provide a teaching tool that will never outlive its usefulness, it will also last for a long time to teach many future generations to come.

Easy to Store and Transport

Supplied with a display stand with five rotating wheel casters, the Rudiger Model is easy to move from room to room when necessary. With removable parts and a dust cover for protection, the model compacts for easy storage and transport when no longer needed.

Removable Parts

Many key sections of the model skeleton can detach for closer inspection and demonstration, including the arms, legs, teeth and a skull that dissects into four parts. Additionally, the mandible features a small flap that opens to reveal the nerve canal, bone structure, roots of the teeth and an impacted molar.

Rudiger Removable Skull Model

Technical Specifications

  • Height (including stand): 180cm (6ft)
  • Width: 40cm (16″)
  • Depth: 25cm (10″)
  • Weight: 11kg (24lb)
  • Stand Diameter: 60cm (24″)

Standard, Without Femur Heads

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