Pulmonary Lobule with Surrounding Blood Vessels Model


  • Model of a pulmonary lobe, magnified 130 times
  • Detailed and accurate model, ideal for educational purposes
  • Shows bronchus, bronchioles, alveolus, pulmonary vessels and more
  • Graphic image on stand shows structure of the air passages in the lung


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Pulmonary Lobule with Surrounding Blood Vessels Model

The Pulmonary Lobule with Surrounding Blood Vessels Model is an accurate model showing an external pulmonary lobe, with a magnification of 130 times. A graphic image on the stand of the model shows the structure of the airway in the lungs up to the pulmonary alveoli. This model is ideal for detailed study of anatomy.

About the Pulmonary Lobule Model

The model gives a detailed depiction of the various structures making up the pulmonary lobule and surrounding area. The following are represented:

  • Segmental bronchus and its terminal branches (bronchioles)
  • Alveolus opened on the right side
  • Pulmonary vessels and their capillary networks
  • Branch of a bronchial artery
  • Pulmonary pleura
  • Connective tissue septum on the left side
  • Single opened alveolus with surrounding capillary network with a magnification of approx. 1000x on the rear side

Specifications of the Pulmonary Lobule Model

  • Dimensions: 26 x 33 x 19cm
  • Weight: 1.35kg

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