P304 FFP3 Valved Dolomite Light Cup Virus Face Mask (Pack of 10)


  • FFP3 face mask that protects against bacteria, spores and viruses
  • FFP3 masks are approved by government guidelines for virus protection
  • Mask is easy to fit, keeps you cool and filters out 99% of harmful agents
  • Exhalation valve keeps you cool, ideal for transport


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P304 FFP3 Valved Dolomite Light Cup Virus Face Mask (Pack of 10)

The P304 FFP3 Valved Dolomite Light Cup Virus Face Mask (Pack of 10) is an FFP3 face mask that is certified for use as protection against pathogens such as bacteria, spores and viruses. It is easy to fit, fully certified to EN 149, and features an exhalation valve that keeps you cool, making it perfect for use on transport.

What Is the Valved Dolomite Face Mask For?

The disposable Dolomite Face Mask is an FFP3 mask that can filter out harmful pathogens and bacteria in the air. It is certified for protecting you against many risks, making it one of our most protective face masks. It can help filter out:

  • Viruses (coronavirus, influenza, MERS)
  • Spores
  • Bacteria
  • Fumes
  • Dusts
  • Mists
  • Smoke

Suitable for Coronavirus Protection

The FFP3 Valved Face Mask is certified for use as coronavirus protection. The mask meets UK Government Infection prevention and Control Guidance, as FFP3 face masks are recommended for use if you come into contact with the virus. FFP3 masks can be used to filter viruses, bacteria and fungal spores.

How Do I Use the Dolomite Face Mask?

The FFP3 Valved Face Mask for Virus Protection is easy to use, and you can get the mask on and off within seconds. To wear the mask correctly, please follow the below instructions and use the image below as guidance:

  1. Hold the mask in the palm of your hand with the nose bar pointing upwards and the straps handing down
  2. Place the mask under your chin, covering your mouth and nose
  3. Take the upper elastic strap and pass it around the back of your head before taking the lower strap and pass it round the back of your head
  4. Mould the nose bar around the nose to seal it off completely
  5. Check the seal by breathing out hard and ensure that there are no air leaks around the side of the mask

How Do I Use the Portwest Face Mask?
How do I use the Portwest Face Mask?

Premium Protection

The FFP3 Light Cup Face Mask uses a high performance exhalation valve to ensure that this mask offers some of the best protection around. It is fully certified by EN 149, meaning that it highly recommended for filtering out a wide range of harmful bacteria, viruses, particles and more.

Stay Cool While Wearing the Mask

Wearing a face mask can be stuffy, especially if you spend a lot of time on the move and on transport. This face mask features a Dolomite clogging test which makes breathing more comfortable, and an exhalation valve that reduces heat inside the mask.

Where Else Can I Use the Valved Face Mask?

FFP3 Masks are high quality face masks that can be used to filter out harmful components in the air. They are common use in not just the medical industries, but in the PPE industries too. If you work with cement, arsenic, copper, hard wood, paint and more, the FFP3 Virus Mask will be well suited at protecting you from harm.

How Often Should I Change My Mask?

It is recommended that you dispose of your mask and apply a new one at the first sign of moisture build-up, or if the mask begins to appear dirty. Even if your mask is dry and there are no signs of dirt or wear, we recommend that you dispose of the mask after a maximum of eight hours of wear.

Key Documentation

Conformity Statement
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Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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