NCM Solaris Splinting Material


  • Moderate to maximum resistance material used to create splints
  • Ideal for abnormal tone conditions or patients with involuntary movement
  • Can be stretched around curves without thinning
  • Perfect for upper and lower extremity positioning splints
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NCM Solaris Splinting Material

The NCM Solaris Splinting Material has a controlled stretch and drape that allows for firm handling that creates a rigid, conforming splint. This splinting material is ideal for more experienced practitioners because the moderate memory means it will only spring back slightly when reheated, allowing for correction of small mistakes only. For less experienced practitioners we recommend the NCM Omega Plus Splinting Material.

Key Features and Benefits of the NCM Solaris

  • Moderate to maximum resistance to stretch allows for firm handling
  • Can be stretched or pulled around curves without thinning or growing out of control
  • Latex-free, ideal for practitioners or patients with latex allergies
  • Moderate drape makes this material ideal for moulding to contours with only a medium amount of pressure
  • Maximum rigidity allows these splints to hold their shape against the pull of strong dynamic components and against hypertonicity
  • This uncoated splinting material provides a slightly sticky surface when warm to keep the material in place for a snug fit
  • Fingerprints and other marks disappear or can be smoothed away by rubbing the surface gently while the splint is warm
  • Leaves sealed, smooth edges when cut while warm that looks clean and professional
  • Available in 2.4mm and 3.2mm thicknesses, available as perforated or smooth

How Long Does Application Take?

  • Allow 4 – 6 minutes to form and harden after softening in 160°F (71°C) water.

NCM Solaris Splinting Material Applications

The NCM Solaris Splinting Material is ideal for several splinting applications such as:

  • Abnormal tone conditions or joint contractures when patients are unable to cooperate.
  • Upper and lower extremity positioning splints and paediatric, non-weightbearing AFOs.

What Options Are Available?

The NCM Omega Plus Splinting Material is available in:

  • 2.4mm thickness or 3.2mm thickness
  • 1% perforated or smooth
  • 46 x 61cm or 61 x 91cm
  • Can be bought as single sheet, two sheets or a case of four sheets

Perforated and Smooth Splinting Material

How Does the Solaris Splinting Material Bond?

Solaris is an uncoated splinting material that provides a slightly sticky surface when warm to keep it in place for an intimate fit. A permanent bond is achieved by applying dry heat and pinching it together firmly, with absolutely no solvent needed. The combined drape with controlled, resistive stretch allows aggressive, firm handling to form a rigid splint that conforms perfectly to the body.

What’s the Surface Finish Like?

This material resists fingerprinting and other marks, they can also be smoothed away by rubbing the surface gently while the splint is still warm. If this splint material is cut while warm it will leave sealed, smooth edges for a professional finish.

Is This Splinting Material Latex Free?

Yes, the NCM Solaris Splinting material is 100% latex-free which makes it ideal for patients or healthcare professionals with latex allergies.

Is the Splint Easy to Care for After Application?

All that needs to be done to keep this splint hygienic is to clean it periodically with a mild soap and lukewarm water, it is however imperative that you don’t soak this in water hotter than 120º Fahrenheit (51º Celsius) as the material will lose its shape and need to be re-applied.

Instructions for Solaris Splinting

If you require more information about the splinting process with this material then click here for the comprehensive instructions on how to use the Solaris Splinting Material.


45cm x 60cm, 45cm x 60cm (Case of 4), 60cm x 90cm (Case of 2)


3.2mm, 2.4mm

Perforation Type

Smooth, Perforated 1%

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