Medi-Plinth Ultra Gynaecological Chair with Foot Stirrups


  • Designed for patient comfort and dignity
  • Electric height, backrest and tilt mechanisms for supreme adjustability
  • Lithotomy recess and stainless steel tray as standard
  • Stainless steel foot stirrups for clinician access


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Medi-Plinth Ultra Gynaecological Chair with Foot Stirrups

When selecting examination and treatment furniture for your practice, striking a balance between ergonomics for the clinician and comfort and dignity for the patient is an important consideration. In the case of gynaecology, this is especially true. Women undergoing gynaecological examination and procedures are already experiencing discomfort, so it is important to minimise this from the moment they sit down.

The Medi-Plinth Ultra Gynaecology Chair with Foot Stirrups is the ultimate gynaecological plinth, providing that comfort and dignity for the patient without sacrificing optimal ergonomics and access for the practitioner.

Benefits of the Medi-Plinth Ultra Gynaecological Chair with Foot Stirrups

With three electric motors for height, tilt, and backrest control, the Ultra Gynaecology Chair is highly adjustable, and even enables Trendelenburg. There is also a lithotomy recess.

The foot stirrups allow for easy positioning and access. Additionally, the stainless steel tray is provided as standard, whilst the Medi-Plinth Operator Stool is a key optional accessory which can be used to supplement the plinth. The Ultra Gynaecological Chair is also available either with Knee Troughs or with Foot Pads.

Features of the Medi-Plinth Ultra Gynaecological Chair with Foot Stirrups

  • Safe working load of 260kg ensures stability and support for patients of all sizes and builds
  • Retractable rubber castors
  • Adjustable feet for stability on uneven floors
  • Stainless steel foot stirrups for positioning and access
  • Lithotomy recess
  • MRSA-resistant, anti-bacterial and fire-retardant upholstery provides optimal hygiene
  • Electric variable height for optimum clinician access
  • Tilting seat to allow for a wider range of procedures, including Trendelenburg positioning
  • Electric back section for extra adjustability and support
  • Three motors for precise patient positioning
  • Stainless steel tray included
  • World-leading Linak ‘High Reliability’ actuators ensure smooth and efficient movement
  • Upholstery available in 25 standard colours to match any clinic aesthetic
  • Manufactured in the UK and CE-marked
  • Frame comes with 7-year warranty, with a 3-year warranty on all moving parts

Available Options and Accessories

A number of factory fitted extras are available for your Ultra Gynaecological Couch, ensuring that you can adapt it to match your specific needs. Please note that these extras must be ordered alongside your couch and that this can be done using the tickboxes above.

  • Breathing hole
  • Foot switch
  • Paper roll holder

Colours of the Medi-Plinth Ultra Gynaecological Chair with Foot Stirrups

To allow you to match your medical furniture to the current decor of your premises, the Medi-Plinth Ultra Gynaecological Chair with Foot Stirrups is available in 25 colours. Please select your colour from the drop-down box above.

Medi-Plinth White Medi-Plinth Beige Sky Blue Medi-Plinth Ash Grey Medi Plinth Mid Blue Medi-Plinth



Sky Blue

Ash Grey

Mid Blue

Medi Plinth Dark Blue Brown Medi Plinth Medi Plinth Black Medi Plinth Citrus Green Mulled Wine Medi-Plinth

Dark Blue



Citrus Green

Mulled Wine

Pillar Box Medi-Plinth Marigold Medi-Plinth Candy Pink Medi-Plinth Damsun Medi-Plinth Apple Mint Medi-Plinth

Pillar Box


Candy Pink


Apple Mint

Cherry Blossom Medi-Plinth Dune Medi-Plinth Gun Metal Grey Medi-Plinth Lilac Medi-Plinth Medi-Plinth Raspberry Crush

Cherry Blossom


Gun Metal Grey


Raspberry Crush

Luxury Dark Blue Medi-Plinth Luxury Sky Blue Medi-Plinth Luxury Red Medi-Plinth Luxury Beige Medi-Plinth Luxury Damson Medi-Plinth
Luxury Dark Blue

Luxury Sky Blue

Luxury Red

Luxury Beige

Luxury Damson

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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