Lifesize Torso Human Anatomy Model


  • Lifesize 40-piece human torso model
  • Ideal for medical students and education
  • Stands on a stable pedestal for presentation
  • Easily accessible anatomical structures inside torso


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Lifesize Torso Human Anatomy Model

The Lifesize Torso Human Anatomy Model comprises 40 parts of the anatomy that can be easily accessed and removed. It also features an open back, making it ideal both for medical students and for educating patients.

What Is the Structure of the Lifesize Torso?

Providing easy access and facilitating versatile training, the Lifesize Torso Model provides the following anatomical structure:

  • Open head displays the brain, which is completely free on one side
  • Open neck design at the front with visible internal organs and structures
  • Open back showing muscle layers, spine, and nerve branches
  • Stomach divided into two parts for detailed study
  • Two removable vertebrae to show detailed structure of a thoracic or lumbar vertebra
  • Removable vertebrae also show the structure of the spinal cord, spinal nerves, and three meninges
  • Interchangeable male and female genitalia for versatile teaching

Who Can Use the Lifesize Torso Model?

Due to the detailed structure and lifesize dimensions, the Human Torso Model is ideal for education and training. It’s particularly useful in such establishments as schools and universities, while also facilitating interactive education for patients in medical environments.

The Lifesize Torso Model also makes a great gift for medical experience. It helps to encourage hands-on learning about the human anatomy.

What Is the Sex of the Torso Model?

The Lifesize Torso Model is a dual-sex torso. It includes interchangeable genitalia, transforming it into a male torso or female torso as required.

How Do I Display the Torso Model?

The Lifesize Torso Model can be positioned on any flat surface with ease. As it features a stable pedestal at the base, it can be conveniently displayed on a table or in a display case.

Dimensions of the Lifesize Torso Model

The Lifesize Torso Model features the following dimensions:

  • Torso Weight: 10kg
  • Overall Dimensions (LxHxW): 36 x 85 x 26cm

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