Leukoplast Barrier Professional Plasters Assorted (Pack of 30)


  • Dirt-repellent, waterproof dressing for added protection
  • Reliable adhesion for long lasting comfort
  • Latex-free, perfect for people with allergies
  • Provide two-way protection against bacterial contamination


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Leukoplast Barrier Professional Plasters Assorted (Pack of 30)

These durable and comfortable Leukoplast Barrier Professional Plasters Assorted (Pack of 30) are waterproof adhesive dressings which provide protection against bacterial contamination, helping to reduce the risk of secondary wound infection. Impermeable to oil and fat, these plasters are ideal for use in the kitchen and the skin-friendly acrylic adhesive is perfect for cuts, grazes, lacerations or abrasions.

Key Features of Leukoplast Barrier Professional Plasters

  • Latex-free for those who suffer from allergies
  • Two-way protection reduces risk of secondary contamination
  • Comfortable, breathable design prevents discomfort
  • Low adherent pad allows for easy and painless removal
  • Long lasting adhesive extends resilience durability
  • Ideal for dressing cuts, grazes, lacerations and abrasions
  • High absorbance keeps cuts dry
  • Protects injuries while washing and showering through the formation of a bacterial barrier

Leukoplast Barrier Assorted 30 Key Benefits

Perfect for Daily Life

The robust and durable nature of Leukoplast Barrier Plasters means they are ideal for the daily living. The water repellent design utilises strong adhesive to retain integrity and a comfortable fit.

What Can These Leukoplast Plasters Do for You?

  • Help control bleeding for minor wounds by stemming blood flow and assisting with the natural clotting process
  • Reduce the chance of infections by creating a barrier to bacteria
  • Injury protection from scrapes or knocks that could reopen the wound
  • Control the water levels around the wound, keeping it in the ideal conditions to heal
  • Stop you from accidentally scratching the wound in your sleep

Highly Effective in All Situations

The robust and highly breathable Leukoplast Barrier Plasters offer resilience and adaptability in a variety of functions. Durable in a range of settings from the home, to work, to the garden, Leukoplast Barrier Plasters are a useful addition to any first aid kit.

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