Leukomed T Plus Film Dressings with Wound Pads (Pack of 50)


  • Wound dressings with highly absorbent pads
  • Water and bacteria proof
  • Breathable film for greater user comfort
  • Secure and comfortable fit
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Leukomed T Plus Film Dressings with Wound Pads (Pack of 50)

The Leukomed T Plus Film Dressings with Wound Pads consist of a water and bacteria proof transparent polyurethane film with a highly absorbent dressing pad. The Leukomed T Plus is designed so that the patient can resume his or her daily activities as soon as possible.

The highly absorbent Leukomed T Plus dressing pads prolong the intervals between dressing changes. Also, in order to reduce maceration as much as possible, the Leukomed T Plus dressings are moisture and air permeable, making them particularly skin-friendly. This, coupled with a strong permanent adhesion, makes the Leukomed T Plus a comfortable and close-fitting product.

Leukomed T Plus dressings have a unique, red strip release mechanism allowing for quick, simple, one-hand applications. For best results, allow any swelling to subside prior to application.

How Long Can Leukomed be Worn For?

Although the amount of time that this dressing can be applied for differs per person, it is estimated that it should last for around seven days once applied. However, this can differ depending on the extent of the injury, the activity level of the patient and any friction caused on the wound during recovery.

Features and Benefits of the Leukomed T Plus Film Dressings

  • Provides effective protection from water and bacteria – The transparent polyurethane film of Leukomed T plus is waterproof and bacteria-proof
  • Reduced risk of maceration – Leukomed T plus dressings are permeable to water vapour and oxygen
  • Minimise dressing changes – The highly absorbent wound pad prolongs the intervals between dressing changes
  • Secure fit – The dressings have a reliable initial and permanent adhesion with rounded edges to prevent rucking
  • Easy to use – The red strip technology allows quick dressing changes
  • Patient comfort – Leukomed T plus dressings allow patients to shower at an early stage, or to receive hydrotherapy
  • Red Strip Technology – Leukomed T plus dressings have a unique, red strip release mechanism allowing quick, simple, one-hand application

Leukomed T Plus Film Dressings with Wound Pads Size Guide:

The Leukomed T Plus dressings are available in seven different sizes. All come in packs of 50.

Leukomed T Plus Size Measurements (W x L)
XX-Small 7.2cm x 5cm
Extra Small 8cm x 10cm
Small 8cm x 15cm
Medium 10cm x 20cm
Large 10cm x 25cm
Extra Large 10cm x 30cm
XX-Large 10cm x 35cm
Width x Length

XX-Small (7.2cm x 5cm), Extra Small (8cm x 10cm), Small (8cm x 15cm), Medium (10cm x 20cm), Large (10cm x 25cm), Extra Large (10cm x 30cm), XX-Large (10cm x 35cm)

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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