Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandages (Bulk Pack)


  • Provides compression and support of muscles and joints
  • 100% quality cotton weave for better comfort
  • Long-lasting adhesive ensures that bandages stick
  • Supplied in bulk packs ideal for clinical use
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Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandages (Bulk Pack)

The Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandages are designed for the compression and support of muscles and joints. Leukoband is woven from a high quality, smooth textured, 100% cotton backing material, making it suitable for professional sports use. The Leukoband is ideal for use in sports clubs, clinics, hospitals and other professional venues, since it is retailed in bulk packs containing the following number of units by size:

  • Small – 480 rolls
  • Medium – 240 rolls
  • Large – 160 rolls

Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandage Indications:

  • Treatment of conditions which require limitation of movement (sprains and strains)
  • Prophylactic use against sport injuries
  • Retention of dressings
  • Compression for varicose veins and ulcers

What Benefits Do the Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandages Provide?

The Leukoband features long-lasting adhesive that helps the bandages to remain in place during lengthy treatment programmes. With a light and close fit, the Leukoband is comfortable and unobtrusive when in use, making it a convenient option for your patients.

Size Guide for the Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandages:

The Leukoband comes in three different sizes. Consult the table below for more information.

Size Width x Length
Leukoband Small 2.5cm x 2.75m
Leukoband Medium 5cm x 2.75m
Leukoband Large 7.5cm x 2.75m

Small, Medium, Large

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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