Hapla Moleskin Padding Sheets (Single Roll)


  • 100% soft cotton fabric for splinting
  • Ideal for preventing friction or splinting
  • Available in two different lengths
  • Supplied as a single roll of padding
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Hapla Moleskin Padding Sheets (Single Roll)

The Hapla Moleskin Padding Sheets can be used to pad splints to enhance comfort and protect the area from abrasions and rubbing. They are incredibly soft and comfortable as they are made from 100% cotton material, and have a raised felt on one side that is gentle on the skin.

Key Features of the Hapla Moleskin Padding Sheets

The key features and benefits of the Hapla Moleskin Sheets are:

  • Ideal for splinting and preventing friction or rubbing
  • Soft open-cell foam great for padding bony prominences
  • Made from 100% soft cotton material
  • Available in two different lengths

Made From Soft Cotton

The soft cotton material of these sheets makes them perfect for padding splints. As they are also extra-thin, they can protect patients from abrasion and rubbing without adding excess bulk to their splint or injury.

How Easy Is It To Apply These Sheets?

Supplied as a roll, the Hapla Moleskin Sheets can be easily cut to the desired size for ease of application. To get the right amount of material for your needs, you can select either a 70cm or 300cm length by using the dropdown box at the top of the page.

Dimensions of the Hapla Fleecy Foam Sheets

These Hapla Moleskin sheets are available in two different lengths, which can be selected using the dropdown box at the top of the page. Their dimensions are as follows:

  • 23cm x 70cm
  • 23cm x 300cm

23cm x 70cm, 23cm x 3m

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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