Female Genital Organs Chart


  • Full illustration of the female genital organs
  • Pictures the ovaries and contraception methods
  • Available either on paper or laminated
  • Suitable for a doctor’s office or classroom
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Female Genital Organs Chart

The Female Genital Organs Chart is ideal for a doctor’s office or classroom where the female organs are of interest. This highly colourful anatomical chart details the female genital organs, with the important anatomical structures illustrated and labelled. The chart has a display of the microanatomy of the ovaries and some methods of contraception. The chart is available as either paper or a laminated copy.

Features of the Female Genital Organs Chart

  • Colourful chart
  • Illustrates the female genital organs
  • Shows anatomical structures
  • Microanatomy of the ovaries
  • Displays methods of contraception
  • Ideal for a doctor’s office or classroom
  • Available as paper or laminated

Technical Details of the Female Genital Organs Chart

  • Dimensions: 50 x 67cm (20 x 26″)

Laminated Specifications:

  • Laminated on both sides
  • Printed on premium glossy (200g) UV resistant paper
  • 75 micron lamination
  • Can be written on in non-permanent marker
  • Doesn’t curl up at edges
  • Does not fade or turn yellow due to UV treatment

Paper Specifications:

  • Printed on premium glossy (200g) paper

Paper, Laminated

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