Erler Zimmer Wound Packing Trainer Moulage with Bleeding Function


  • Highly realistic moulage that ‘bleeds’ heavily
  • Ideal for emergency medical care training
  • Replicates a large wound with severe bleeding
  • Self-adhesive moulage is safe to use on human skin


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Erler Zimmer Wound Packing Trainer Moulage with Bleeding Function

The Erler Zimmer Wound Packing Trainer Moulage with Bleeding Function is a highly realistic fake wound that can hugely improve the quality and efficacy of medical training sessions. Designed to simulate a heavily bleeding wound, this moulage is a fantastic resource for teaching wound packing procedures. It is self-adhesive, so can be placed on a manikin or like model during a controlled care scenario.

What’s Included In My Purchase?

  • 1 x Moulage
  • 1 x Tube for Bleeding Function
  • 1 x Exercise Tub

Please note that additional skin glue and fake blood are sold separately.

What Injury Does The Erler Zimmer Packing Trainer Simulate?

The Erler Zimmer Wound Packing Moulage depicts a large open flesh wound with severe bleeding, making it ideal for practising wound packing and blood stemming. It is fitted with a bleeding line that can be used to create the impression of heavy bleeding.

Who Can Use This Erler Zimmer Moulage?

As this moulage is designed to create the illusion of severe bleeding, it is best used for teaching wound packing procedures. It can also be fixed onto a live model to create a fake scenario with a badly injured patient. This can help trainees practise doctor-patient interactions in addition to medical care.

Erler Zimmer Wound Packing Trainer Moulage with Bleeding Function

This moulage can be used to create highly realistic emergency simulations with very little effort

What Is the Benefit of a Realistic Moulage?

A preference for more realistic simulations in medical training environments has grown rapidly over the past few years. Due to their high level of realism, such props allow trainees to better refine their diagnostic skills, while their graphic nature helps trainees mentally prepare for what they might experience in real trauma situations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Moulage as great for practising wound packing
  • Pre-painted, highly realistic design
  • Can be used to simulate heavy bleeding
  • Self-adhesive and safe for use on skin
  • Tub contains liquid spillage during exercise
  • Covered by a 3-year supplier warranty
  • Product made in Germany

How Do I Use This Wound Packing Moulage?

Before preparing the ‘bleed’ function of this moulage, fix it onto a model or place it in the plastic tub provided. Then, fill the fusion bag with artificial blood (sold separately) and squeeze it to force the liquid through the connected tube and into the moulage. This will create the convincing illusion of a bleeding wound.

Can This Moulage Be Safely Applied to Skin?

This moulage is completely safe for use on skin, self-adhesive and ready for immediate use. If you’d like to make extra sure that the moulage won’t fall off during a fake patient exercise, Erler Zimmer skin glue (available here) can also be applied for added security.

Where Can I Purchase Accessories For This Moulage?

Artificial blood and skin glue can be purchased for use with this product and can be viewed using the links below:

  • Erler Zimmer Artificial Blood for Wound Moulage Series (250ml)
  • Erler Zimmer Skin Glue for Wound Moulage Series

Will the Blood Stain Clothing?

Erler Zimmer’s own specially formulated artificial blood can be bought separately for use with this moulage. It is ideal for wound packing exercises as they can get quite messy, and this liquid is non-staining and easy to wash off of surfaces and clothing.

How Big Is This Moulage?

This fake wound moulage has an approximate size of 18.5cm x 14cm x 4cm and only weighs about 0.1kg. It should fit comfortable on the leg, or many other parts of the body, and is lightweight enough to transport with ease.

Who Are Erler Zimmer?

Erler Zimmer are a family run company hailing from Germany. They are well-known in the medical world for producing high quality training equipment, and use cutting edge technology in addition to real human data to ensure their designs are as accurate and useful to trainees as possible.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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