BurnSoothe First Aid Burn Dressings


  • Sterile and non-toxic single use dressings
  • Gel formula to instantly relieve burn
  • Varying sizes to suit different areas of the body
  • Benchmarked to the accepted industry standard


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BurnSoothe First Aid Burn Dressings

For a traditional dressing to treat minor burns, use the BurnSoothe First Aid Burn Dressings to keep in your burns kit. Ideal for workplaces where burns are likely to occur, such as kitchens, these dressings contain quick acting agents to immediately relieve burnt skin.

Advantages of BurnSoothe Dressings

  • Sterile trauma hydrogel dressings to protect wounds from infection
  • Cool and soothing effect to provide comfort following burns
  • Non adherent to minimise trauma and damage on skin
  • Made from non-toxic ingredients

Clean and Gentle Solution

The BurnSoothe Dressings are designed to alleviate pain, by providing a cooling formula to comfort a burn or scald. These sterile aqueous gel dressings are non adherent so as to not damage the skin, and can be used on all types of burns. After cooling down the burn by running the affected area under cold water for several minutes, apply the BurnSoothe dressing and secure in place with a lightweight bandage.

A Workable Dressing

This malleable dressing is ideal for wrapping around any joint or limb, and can easily fit around any area no matter where the burn is positioned. The BurnSoothe Dressings are available in numerous sizes depending on the need of casualty, as listed in the sizing table below.

Size Dimensions (cm)
Extra Small 2.5 x 5cm
Small 5 x 15cm
Small-Medium 10 x 10cm
Medium 20 x 20cm
Medium-Large 10 x 40cm

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