Bottle Holder for Danicentre Wall-Mounted Glove and Apron Dispensers


  • Bottle holder for affixing to Danicentre Glove and Apron Dispensers
  • Wall mounting for placing in practical locations for quick access
  • Located conveniently beside disposables
  • Helps sustain and improve levels of hygiene in medical environments


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Bottle Holder for Danicentre Wall-Mounted Glove and Apron Dispensers

With good levels of hygiene paramount to operating a safe medical environment, ensuring that hand lotions and alcohol gels are kept close by is essential. With the Bottle Holder for Danicentre Wall-Mounted Glove and Apron Dispensers, it can not be assured that bottles of sanitisers can be kept in rooms and on wards to help reduce the risk of the spread of germs.

Easy Access

The Bottle Holder can be attached to the side of the Glove and Apron Dispensers, allowing easy access to the dispensing pump for immediate cleansing of hands. It also provides a convenient holder that allows quick and easy removal of bottles when changing or replacing them. This means that there can always be soaps and sanitisers nearby without having to worry about any complexities with replenishing it.

As the Bottle Holder is conveniently placed beside the compartments for disposable gloves, it will be able to serve as a reminder for both medical professionals and anybody else wearing disposables to sanitise their hands when wearing or changing gloves.

Practical Design

In addition to providing easily easy access to the bottles, the Glove and Apron Dispenser is designed to be wall mounted. This means affixed bottle holders can be positioned in a location that will be most suitable, such as beside surgical equipment or in a corridor beside the entrance to a room.

With HD styrene construction of the Glove and Apron Dispenser, the dispenser as a whole will provide both a practical and durable solution to improving hygiene.

Please note that the image displayed shows the Bottle Holder attached to the Glove and Apron Dispenser, which can be purchased separately. The alcohol gel is also sold separately.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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