Simulaids CPR Prompt TPAK 700 Tan Adult and Infant CPR Manikins (7-Pack)


  • Pack of 7 CPR training manikins in a tan colour
  • Designed for teaching CPR, AED use, and abdominal thrusts
  • Includes five adult manikins and two infant manikins
  • Ideal for training medical students and first aiders in groups


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Simulaids CPR Prompt TPAK 700 Tan Adult and Infant CPR Manikins (7-Pack)

The Simulaids CPR Prompt TPAK 700 Tan Adult and Infant CPR Manikins (7-Pack) are ideal for the demonstration and training of life-saving CPR techniques, both for teaching medical students and first aid classes. The manikins facilitate the practise of CPR, AED use, and abdominal thrusts, offering students reliable feedback in the classrooms.

What’s Included?

  • 7 x CPR Manikins
    • 5 x Adult Manikins
    • 2 x Infant Manikins
  • 70 Face Shield Lung Bags
    • 50 x Adult Lung Bags
    • 20 x Infant Lung Bags
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Who Can Use the Simulaids CPR Manikins?

The Simulaids CPR Manikins are designed for use by teachers training medical students and conducting classes for first aiders. As seven manikins are provided, one can be used for demonstration by the teacher, while the students can benefit from hands-on practice and real time feedback from the manikins.

What Training Can the Simulaids CPR Prompt Manikins Provide?

With the Simulaids CPR Prompt Manikins, you can provide cardiovascular pulmonary (CPR) training, AED use, and abdominal thrusts to medical students and first aiders. When practising CPR with the manikins, students receive real-time feedback to help them to improve their skills. Feedback is provided for skills including:

  • Compression accuracy provided by an audible clicker
  • Head and chin tilts to open airways
  • Identifying proper anatomical landmarks
  • Successful CPR with visible chest rises

How Realistic Are the Adult and Infant Manikins?

Featuring a skin-like feel, the Simulaids CPR Prompt training dummies provide a realistic approach to essential emergency training. They also feature visible chest compression, providing students with real-time feedback of the accuracy of their CPR techniques.

How Sturdy Are the Simulaids Manikins?

As the manikins are designed for teaching and practising abdominal thrusts, they are both tough and durable to withstand many classes. Each manikin will last around 10,000 student usages.

How Easy Is It to Transport the Manikins Between Classes?

As first aid classes and medical training can be delivered in different classrooms and even in different buildings, it’s understandable that ease of transportation will be a priority when looking for your CPR training equipment. Thankfully, although the Simulaids manikins are tough and durable, they are also lightweight with a foam-based construction to ensure they can be easily transported in the carry bag provided.

Can I Clean the Manikins Between Use?

Yes, the manikins can be cleaned with ease. The easy-to-clean manikin heads are dishwasher safe and can can also easily be sanitised. Please note that lung bags can be replaced once they run out.

Simulaids CPR Prompt Manikins User Manual

For more information about assembling and cleaning the manikins, please see the user manual below.

User Manual
Simulaids CPR Prompt Manikins 7-Pack

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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