Medline Gemini Dual-Colour 122 x 122cm Bonded Sterilisation Wraps (Pack of 30)


  • Pack of 30 sterilisation wraps made with SSMMS fabric
  • Designed for wrapping instruments during sterilisation
  • Provides high-level barrier protection against fluid and particles
  • Dual colour for colour coding and for easy identification of holes


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Medline Gemini Dual-Colour 122 x 122cm Bonded Sterilisation Wraps (Pack of 30)

If instruments or medical devices are not wrapped during the sterilisation process, they are at risk of contamination from fluid or particles. With the Medline Gemini Dual-Colour 122 x 122cm Bonded Sterilisation Wraps (Pack of 30), you can securely wrap instruments before sterilising them, while the dual pink and blue colours allow for colour coding and for easier identification of any holes that could reduce the efficacy of sterilisation.

What’s Included?

  • 30 x Square Sterilisation Wraps (122 x 122cm)

The 30 wraps are provided in one box, with two clear bags containing 15 wraps each. This way, you don’t need to open up all 30 wraps at once, allowing you to safely store some or locate them to a different department or building.

What Sterilisation Processes Can the Wraps Be Used For?

The Medline Gemini Bonded Wraps are suitable for use during all major sterilisation cycles. This includes pre-vacuum steam cycles, gravity steam cycles, ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilisation and STERRAD sterilisation.

What’s the Benefit of Wrapping Instruments for Sterilisation?

When sterilising surgical instruments or medical devices in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare environments, wrapping them before sterilisation provides a barrier to keep out any foreign objects. The Gemini Sterilisation Wraps provide high-level barrier protection designed to prevent fluids and particles from coming into contact with the instruments during sterilisation.

Why Should I Sterilise with Bonded Wraps?

Unlike single-sheet wraps, bonded wraps feature two pieces of fabric bonded together. The SSMMS fabric of the Medline Gemini Bonded Wraps provides a double layer of protection while also eliminating the need for multiple sheets to be used, making it both safer and easier to use.

How Reliable Is the Multilayer Gemini Wrap for Sterilisation?

The Gemini Sterilisation Wraps have been designed to offer a high level of protection and reliability. The multilayer bonded fabric is resistant to both tears and punctures, making it much more effective than SMS wraps. It also offers enhanced adhesion properties when compared to SMS wraps, and is suitable for use with sterilisation tape to ensure full closure.

What’s the Benefit of the Pink and Blue Dual-Colour Wrap?

The bonded fabrics of the Merlin Gemini Wrap is dual coloured, with one blue and one pink. This makes it easier to spot any holes or defects that may have occurred. The dual colours also allow you to colour code instruments, which is particularly useful if the sterilisation process is different depending on the type of instrument, or if medical equipment is on loan from a different hospital.

Technical Specifications

  • Total Quantity: 30 Wraps
  • Wrap Dimensions: 122 x 122cm
  • Wrap Colours: Pink/Blue

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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