Intramuscular Injection Simulator Basic


  • Intramuscular injection simulator for affordable injection practise
  • Enables the injection of fluid into muscles with a syringe
  • Allows students to repeat process until they are confident
  • Offers injections up to a depth of 50mm


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Intramuscular Injection Simulator Basic

Designed to offer realistic intramuscular simulation, the Intramuscular Injection Simulator Basic features a deep foam like pad that can absorb water, ideal for enabling students to practise deep injections into muscle. Particularly well suited to hospitals, universities and colleges, the Injection Simulator allows users to inject liquid up to 50mm deep, offering a similar scenario to what they can expect in the real world.

What’s in the Box?

With your purchase you will receive:

  • 1 x Intramuscular Injection Simulator Basic
  • 2 x Replacement skin pads
  • 1 x Disposable Syringe

What Is the Intramuscular Simulator For?

Intramuscular injections are carried out when longer resorption time is desired, such as when vaccines and time-release drugs are been administered into the bodily system. Intramuscular injections are therefore extremely common, and will require training before a student is at a level considered acceptable. The simulator is suitable in the following situations:

  • Carrying out intramuscular injection training
  • Carrying out vaccine and time-release drug injection training
  • Student training
  • Medical professional training

Can I Use the Intramuscular Injection Simulator?

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a professional, the Intramuscular Injection Simulator Basic can be suitable for you. If you are a professional, having the simulator at hand is the ideal way to ensure that should you need a little practise, help is at hand. Alternatively, if you are a teacher or a student, using the Intramuscular Injection Simulator for training is perfect for its combination of longevity and realism.

Why Is the Intramuscular Injection Simulator Ideal for Training?

The Intramuscular Injection Simulator is perfect for training because it can be used time and time again without the quality and realism of the product from becoming damaged. It features a working depth of 50mm, which is exactly what you can expect to find in the field, while the simulated muscle mass inside can absorb any liquid that you syringe into the product (just like a normal muscle). This makes the simulator perfect for use in colleges and universities where students can experiment, and watch demonstrations by a teacher.

How Does the Intramuscular Injection Simulator Work?

The Intramuscular Simulator is designed to work exactly like a normal muscle under injection. The simulator features a thick foam like pad that is contained within a casing, which is designed to act exactly like a normal muscle would under an injection scenario. The student can then use the supplied syringe to inject fluid up to 50mm deep into the pad, offering them the perfect training needed before turning professional.

Intramuscular Simulator in use
Intramuscular Simulator in use

How Realistic Is the Intramuscular Injection Simulator Basic?

The Injection Simulator is popular because it is realistic. It absorbs liquid in the same way a muscle does, and the firmness is ideal for offering the same level of firmness that a student can expect in the real world. It also features a depth of 50mm, which is no greater than what the student can expect while working on a real patient.

Can I Use the Intramuscular Simulator Multiple Times?

Another positive of the Intramuscular Simulator is that it can be used a repeated amount of times. This thick pad simply moulds back into shape after use, meaning that you can repeatedly inject the simulator without any damage taking place. This is perfect for use in schools, universities, colleges, hospitals and other medical facilities, where people can expect to want to train on these kinds of injections.

What Are the Specifications of the Intramuscular Injection Simulator?

  • Product Code: 1010008
  • Product Wight: 0.136kg
  • Product Dimensions (WxD): 8cm x 9.8cm

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