Co-Plus Cohesive Bandage (Multipack)


  • Cohesive bandage in a choice of colours
  • Ideal for medical and veterinary use
  • Provides non-slip support and compression
  • Sticks to itself with no need for pins


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Co-Plus Cohesive Bandage (Multipack)

The Co-Plus Cohesive Bandage (Multipack) is designed to provide patients with non-slip support and compression following injury. No pins are required for application as the bandage sticks to itself, and it does not stick to skin or fur, making it ideal for both medical and veterinary use.

Please note that the image above displays the bandages in the mixed-colour multipack option. This is for illustrative purposes only.

Size and Quantity Information

The number of bandages provided depends on the required width. Each role is provided in length of 6.3 metres. Please see below for the available widths and pack quantities.

Size (Width x Length) Number of Rolls
5cm x 6.3m 36 rolls
7.5cm x 6.3m 24 rolls
10cm x 6.3m 18 rolls
15cm x 6.3cm 12 rolls

Your required option can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Please note that not every colour of bandage is available in every width and pack quantity combination; please see further down the page for more information.

Who Can Use the Co-Plus Bandage?

The Co-Plus Bandage is designed for use by patients suffering from a range of conditions or injuries that would benefit from compression and support. The bandage does not stick to fur or hair, which makes it suitable for veterinary use as well as use in hospitals and clinics. As each roll measures 6.3 metres, it can be cut to size for versatile use.

What Can the Cohesive Bandage Be Used For?

The Cohesive Bandage is suitable for treating and providing relief from a range of injuries and conditions. Uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Layer Four in a four-layer bandaging system
  • Prophylaxis against sports injuries
  • Retention of dressings
  • Support for soft tissue injuries
  • Veterinary use

Which Colours Are Available?

The Co-Plus Cohesive Bandage is available in a range of colours. Please see below for more informaiton about the available colours and the corresponding sizes:

  • Flesh Bandages: available in all sizes
  • White Bandages: available in all sizes
  • Dark Blue Bandages: available in size 10cm x 1.6m (pack of 18 rolls)
  • Green Bandages: available in size 10cm x 1.6m (pack of 18 rolls)
  • Mixed Colour Bandages (blue, light blue, red, purple, neon pink, neon green): available in 5cm x 6.3m (pack of 36 rolls), 7.5cm x 6.3m (24 rolls), and 10cm x 6.3m (pack of 18 rolls)

How Easy Is It to Apply the Bandage?

The bandage has been designed for easy application. It is easy to tear in both directions for quick use, and as it sticks to itself rather than the skin it can be applied without difficulty to even awkward body contours.

Can I Trim the Support Bandage?

The support bandage is designed to be trimmed to the lenght required. As it is provided in a 6.3 metre roll, you can cut off the right amount of bandage required, reducing any wastage, and improving patient comfort.

How Comfortable Is the Cohesive Bandage?

Due to the porous structure of the cohesive bandage, it allows skin to breathe, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. It is also flexible to enable it to conform comfortably to body contours.

What Are the Materials of the Bandage?

The Co-Plus Bandage is constructed from the following materials:

  • High-strength nylon fibres
  • Elastic yarns

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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