3B Microanatomy Bone Structure Model


  • 3D anatomical model of lamellar bone section
  • Enlarged 80 times for greater visibility
  • Supplied on a base
  • Aids study of human bone structure


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3B Microanatomy Bone Structure Model

The 3B Mircoanatomy Bone Structure Model is an extremely detailed anatomical model depicting a three-dimensional section of a lamellar bone. It shows the typical structure of a tubular bone enlarged eighty times, allowing for in-depth study.

The Bone Structure Model shows various planes in cross and longitudinal section through all levels of the bone, as well as a two-plane section through the inner structure of the bone marrow.

The typical elements of a lamellar bone are easily identified and help in understanding the structure and function of the characteristic osteons, also referred to as Haversian systems. This model allows a graphic illustration of the interplay of the individual components, such as spongy and compact substance, endosteum, cortical substance, osteocytes, Volkmann and Haversian canals.

The 3B Microanatomy Bone Structure is supplied on a base, sturdy and ready for display. This model provides a fantastic, visual way to teach and learn about the structure of the human bone.

Applications of the Bone Structure Model

This Bone Structure Model aids anatomical study, therefore particularly suitable for use in the following environments:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Laboratories

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 14.5cm
  • Weight: 0.8kg

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