Yuleys SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLU


  • Reusable shoe covers for hygiene control
  • Designed to keep floors clean time and time again
  • Ideal for medical industries that demand contamination control
  • Non-slip grip and abrasion resistant for longevity and safety


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Yuleys SEBS Reusable Shoe Covers YXXBLU

Designed to be long-lasting unlike normal disposable over shoe covers, the Yuley SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers YxxBLU use a reusable rubber design to ensure longevity and contamination prevention. Their chemical-resistant properties makes them ideal for medical and clinical environments too, while the reusable, affordable design can save you money in the long run, save you time and increase user safety.

What Are Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers For?

The Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers are designed to provide contamination protection and longevity. Most disposable shoe covers will need replacing up to around five times per day. These rubber over shoes can fit over your normal shoes and last for months before needing replacing.

They can be washed, are hygienic, and feature a non-slip grip that makes your job on your feet a little bit easier. They are environmentally friendly too, as they reduce the amount of space on landfills from broken disposable shoe covers. Proven to improve worker safety and reduce operational costs, these blue shoe covers are perfect for anyone concerned with hygiene control.

In What Industries Are Yuleys Shoe Covers Suitable?

The Yuleys SEBS Reusable Cover are recommended in most industries that require contamination control. This can include work sites in construction and building, to clinical laboratory environments that require total cleanliness. Suitable applications include:

  • Laboratory
  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning
  • Emergency services
  • Janitorial
  • Local authorities
  • Medical environments
  • Care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Plant maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Waste

Why Should I Choose Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers?

  • Non-slip grip – better traction on hardwood, tile, linoleum and carpet
  • Solid rubber construction – durable, non-tear, long lasting
  • Easy to clean – can be rinsed and air dried, laundered or sterilised with bleach
  • Hands-free – easily slip on and off, perfect for when your hands are full
  • Heel-lock system – keeps them firmly on your feet
  • Keeps indoor flooring clean – prevents contamination and dirt reaching clean areas
  • Works with all safety footwear – suitable for a range of industries
  • Recyclable – environmentally friendly
  • Reduces effects on landfill – disposable shoe covers fill up landfills; one pair of Yuleys can be used for years
  • Reduces operational costs – disposable shoe covers cost an average of £134/ year per worker
  • Attractive blue colour – easy to spot
  • Resistance: chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Sterile Suitable: Autoclavable for sterile environments

Which Yuleys Overshoes Should I Buy?

The main difference between the Yuleys TPR Shoe Covers and Yuley TPR Covers is that the Yuleys TPR Shoe Covers use a material that makes them a little more durable. However, what the SEBS Shoe Covers lack in durability, they make up for in flexibility, with the rubber material ensuring that they offer a high level of movement during use.

Why Are Yuleys Ideal for Medical Environments?

When working in medical environments it is important to take care to ensure that contamination risks are reduced to zero. Disposable shoe covers can reduce the risk, however because they break so easily it means that the risk is still there. Yuleys Shoe Covers are reusable, autoclavable, and chemical resistant, meaning that you can work in a medical environment, clean your shoes, and ensure that your feet are protected against any chemicals that may have hit the floor.

Why Choose the Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers?

Many workplaces provide rubber boots, indoor shoes or disposable over shoes for employees to change into. However, these are often clunky, time consuming to put on, or break after a short period of use. If your workforce is large, it can also be expensive to provide a pair of shoes for everyone.

The Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers are a fantastic alternative that are suitable for use across a variety of industries, as they can be simply slipped on and off to prevent dirt from your outdoor shoes contaminating an environment. Locking in to place, you will no longer have to keep bending down to remove your fiddly disposable covers. The chemical and abrasion resistant covers are long-lasting, helping to reduce both spending costs and environmental risks in a practical way.

Sizing for the Yuleys SEBS Reusable Shoe Covers

The Yuleys SEBS Shoe Covers are available in the following sizes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I. To work out your size, please measure the sole length of your boots by putting the toe against or wall or straight surface. Make a note of where the heel ends, then measure this distance exactly with a ruler or measuring tape.

Once you have found the correct distance, you can select the pair for you by matching the size to the table below. Once you have done this, you can choose your size by clicking on the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Work Boot/ Shoe Sole Length Yuleys Sizes
10 in. (25.5cm) – 10 1/2 in. (26.7cm) A
10 1/2 in. (26.7cm) – 11 in. (27.9cm) B
11 in. (27.9cm) – 11 3/4 in. (29.8cm) C
11 3/4 in. (29.8cm) – 12 5/16 in. (31.3cm) D
12 5/16 in. (31.3cm) – 12 5/8 in. (32.0cm) E
12 5/8 (32.0cm) – 12 15/16 in. (32.9cm) F
12 15/16 in. (32.9cm) – 13 5/16 in. (33.8cm) G
13 5/16 in. (33.8cm) – 13 3/4 in. (34.9cm) H
13 3/4 in. (34.9cm) – 14 3/16 in. (36.0cm) I

The Yuley SEBS Reusable Safety Shoe Covers arrive as a box of one pair.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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