Sunflower Medical Primrose Fusion Drop End Multi-Discipline Couch with Electric Adjustment


  • Adjustable height, headrest, and foot section to increase patient comfort
  • Ensures improved hygiene levels with CQC-compliant anti-bacterial vinyl upholstery
  • Features retracting positioning castors for manoeuvrability
  • Can be used for various treatments and procedures


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Sunflower Medical Primrose Fusion Drop End Multi-Discipline Couch with Electric Adjustment

Ensuring that patients are comfortably positioned during treatments and examinations can help reduce stress and allow for a more productive session. The Sunflower Medical Primrose Fusion Drop End Multi-Discipline Couch with Electric Adjustment offers both an adjustable height and a variable headrest and foot section, making it versatile for a variety of different needs.

Easily Adjusted

The Fusion Drop Down Multi-Discipline Couch can be adjusted quickly and easily to suit the needs of each individual patient. The couch has an electric height adjustment that ranges from between 46 to 100cm, while the headrest and foot section can also be altered to provide variable angles.

The swift ability to alter the positioning of the Drop End Multi-Discipline Couch is beneficial for ensuring patient treatments run as smoothly as possible.

Providing Hygienic and Flexible Use

The Fusion Drop End Multi-Discipline Couch is upholstered with vinyl, which can be wiped down in between use, providing a convenient yet crucial method of maintaining good levels of hygiene to ensure quality patient care. It is both anti-bacterial and Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliant to help guarantee satisfying levels of safety and cleanliness.

Practical Features

The Multi-Discipline Couch is fitted with accessories to enhance the practicality of the couch. It is fitted with 50mm retracting positioning castors to provide a couch that can be easily wheeled from one room to another. This easy relocation provides a couch that can cater to various different needs.

The addition of a paper roll holder also enables paper rolls to be fitted to the couch, which can then be used to provide an additional layer between the patient and the couch, further improving hygiene.

Optional Factory-Fitted Accessories

The multi-discipline nature of the couch enables it to be utilised for various treatments and procedures, such as phlebotomy and gynaecology. The following accessories can be purchased alongside the couch to be factory fitted before delivery:

  • IV Pole
  • Head-Section Breathing Hole
  • Pair of Stirrups
  • Pair of Leg Supports
  • Pair of Phlebotomy Arms
  • Pair of Folding Side Rails
  • Triple Foot Switch

Please tick the required products from the list at the top of the page before making your purchase.

Technical Specifications of the Fusion Drop End Multi-Discipline Couch

  • Colour: Primrose
  • Maximum user weight: 250kg (40 stone)
  • Hoist clearance: 125mm
  • Headrest adjustment angles: +80 to -20 degrees
  • Foot section adjustment angles: +20 to -90 degrees
  • Height adjustment: 46 – 100cm
  • Fitted with 100mm retracting positioning castors
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 165 x 65 x 46 – 100cm

Please note that the image displayed shows this product with optional accessories. These can be purchased at the time of order for FACTORY FITTING.

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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