Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours Beige 1.6mm Splinting Material (46 x 61cm)


  • Thermoplastic splinting material with intimate conformability
  • Bright colours to encourage paediatric compliance
  • Ideal for neurological, visual and attentional deficits
  • Available in solid and perforated versions
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Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours Beige 1.6mm Splinting Material

The Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours Beige 1.6mm Splinting Material is a coated thermoplastic splinting material with a controlled stretch that shapes easily. With 100% memory allowing for re-moulding and splint revision, the Aquaplast-T Watercolours Splinting Material can reduce waste for less experienced therapists.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Sheet of 1.6mm Splinting Material (choice of perforation; see further down the page for details)

What Size Is the Splinting Material?

The Roylan Splinting Material measures 46 x 61cm, allowing you to cut it to the required size. It features a thickness of 1.6mm.

Who Can Use the Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours Material?

The Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours is recommended for a number of clinical applications, including:

  • Finger and hand splints requiring breathability
  • Hand and upper limb splints
  • Neurological, visual and attentional deficits
  • Occupational splints where conventional white materials can show stains

Ultra-Thin Material

At just 1.6mm, this product is half the thickness and half the weight of standard 3.2mm splinting material. This makes it easy to cut when cold and ideal for paediatrics, finger splints, hand-based splints and other areas where a lightweight material is called for.

Available Versions of the Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours Beige

The Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours Beige 1.6mm Splinting Material is available with three different types of perforation:

  • Solid: For maximum rigidity
  • Ultraperf 13%: Ideal for lightweight finger or hand splints requiring breathability
  • OptiPerf 19%: Provides superior ventilation for comfort while maintaining material strength and easy edge finishing

Handling Characteristics of the Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours 1.6mm

  • Bright, vibrant colours encourage paediatric and adult compliance
  • The optimum combination of intimate conformability and resistant stretch
  • Features 100% memory allowing repeated reheating and economical splint revisions
  • Edges trim easily

Bonding of the Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours Splinting Material

The Rolyan Aquaplast-T Watercolours Beige 1.6mm Splinting Material should be heated for 35 seconds in water at 70° – 75°C for 1 – 2 minutes of working time.

  • For a temporary bond, pinch heated surfaces together
  • For a permanent bond, remove the coating with spirits or by safely scraping with a sharp instrument

Disclaimer: This particular version of the Aquaplast-T Watercolours is supplied in beige, though the images above display a variety of different colours that are available in the Watercolours range.

Perforation Type

Solid, UltraPerf 13%, OptiPerf 19%

Please contact the Medical Supplies Customer Care Team by telephone on +44 7985 753735 for enquiries pertaining to the Delivery of this product.

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